Confederate Army Gets Ready for Action, Yes Sir!

Well, here I go again, bringing you a prime specimen of the lunacy/stupidity/hate that makes the right in this country a viable institution.  This one, found by Esquire, features Charles Goodson, the "Commanding General" of the New Confederate Army.  I strongly recommend that you watch at least a little of this video, because seeing one of these guys live gives an insight into just how intellectually inadequate and detached from reality these people are.  Not that they do not represent a danger.  Sad to say, it doesn't take much mental capacity to pull the trigger of a gun.  In this case, all it takes is enough synthetic anger, and that they have in apparently inexhaustable quantities.

The author of the Esquire article, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bateman (from our real army) has this to say about "General" Goodson:
"I myself would not have believed that such a thing could even exist... I think it is so flipping funny and pathetic that it needs to be shared."
Well, unfortunately, any reader of Wingnut Wrapup knows all too well that such things and worse can exist in great quantities in this country, and the very true fact that it is funny and pathetic does not alter the reality that it is also very dangerous.  In fact, absent a general willingness to confront these people with their insanity, we are bound, sooner or later, to see some real tragedies enacted by them.

If you care to learn any more about the New Confederate Army, you can look at their website here, although I think the video pretty much tells you all you need to know. 

Okay, okay, responding to overwhelming demand from those who want to know, here are a few of the reasons that the New Confederate Army is preparing to rise up against liberals:
"That they do knowingly slander the Southern Movement, comparing them to the KKK and all White Supremacist movements."
Man, I wonder why that might be.  And if it is such an insult, why do you guys act like White Supremacists?
"That they slander and mock those in the Southern movement, inferring that they are nothing but inbred uneducated rednecks."
Look at your video, dude, and try to show some self-awareness.  You are working night and day to convince us that you are an inbred uneducated fool.  Don't blame us when your efforts meet with success.
"That the Entertainment Industry has helped, by mocking the Southern culture. Comedians like, Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, James Gregory, have helped to instill in people the idea that Southerners are indeed stupid people. That the T.V. Talk shows, like Jerry Springer have made this impression even more tangible, by having guests that are toothless and with Southern accents."
No more toothless guests, or we are going to come and shoot you!
"That they would have us believe that the Confederacy is no longer in existence"
Where, oh, where might they have gotten that idea?

Oh well, as I said, if this isn't enough nonsense for you, click on the link to their website and treat yourself to more.  Be my guest.

Never apologize for being wrong either.

Update:  It has been pointed out that this jackass has taken down this ludicrous video.  In case you really want to see him in action, here is another really pathetic taste:


Magpie said…
If you go through to his YouTube channel there’s lots more videos, explaining who and who doesn’t have to call him General, and so on. It’s good stuff.

I did go to the website too. The most recent comment there... ‘Kenny’ writes:

“you people are fucking insane”.

Y’know, somehow, I don’t think the General has a fan there in Kenny...
I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I get.
Infidel753 said…
Gah. I have a feeling that this "New Confederate Army" has a membership smaller than a typical Larry Klayman rally, and that their meetings are held in that same basement and sometimes interrupted by General Goodson's wife reminding him that the lawn still needs mowing.

He sure repeats himself a lot ("hard-core Confederates!" "The Empire!") and I couldn't believe it at the end when he said "if you shit that flag....." As an inspirational speaker, he's a bungler.
Paul Avery said…
It wasn't all bad. I enjoyed the belch.
Anonymous said…
If he's not drunk, he's flying on oxycontin. Terrifying to think of following him into "battle".
BB-Idaho said…
Robert E. Lee would be so proud..
Infidel753 said…
"Never apologize for being right" -- I prefer this version of the flag.
Magpie said…
Letting you know... The general has removed that video and is apparently engaged in a civil war with various like-minded nitwits. And getting increasingly agitated. Somewhat concerning...
Colonel Foghorn Leghorn said…
General Goodson is getting lots of great attention on his Facebook page Colonel Foghorn Leghorn. Check it out .Very, very funny.

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