Wrong Again, Republicans

One of the most consistent right wing responses to Obama's success in helping drive Moammar Gaddafi from power, to be found from a nasty piece of work like Pam Geller, all the way to the Republican presidential hopefuls, was that Obama was a total failure when he removed Gaddafi, because he had just turned Libya over to a pack of Islamist radicals.  Not so true, I guess:

"Prime minister Abdurrahim el-Keib has sent Libya on a bumpy road towards democracy by naming a cabinet of secularists and thereby snubbing prominent Islamists.

The biggest surprise on the list was Osama al-Juwali, chief of the Zintan military council, who was appointed defence minister at the expense of Islamist Hakim Bilhaj."

Once again, the Republicans, still reeling from the utter failure of their dream administration to accomplish anything but disaster on every front, tries to find similar failures in everything Obama does- this time in the ludicrous notion that Obama is as dreadful at foreign policy as Bush.

Of course, don't expect the truth to make it into the mainstream press- that wouldn't help the Republican party replace Obama with one of their endless supply of corrupt liars.


Jerry Critter said…
Obama has consistently shown by his foreign policy successes, the failures of previous republican policies. Republicans are great at bitching and moaning. They are not so good at governing.

Governing should be left to the grownups.

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