Wingnut Wrapup

The natives are restless today:

Michael Barone, Town Hall:  "Entitlement, Not Tax Cuts, Widen the Wealth Gap...Supercommittee Democrats argue that income inequality has been increasing and can be at least partially reversed by higher tax rates on high earners. They refused to agree on any deal that didn't include such tax increases."

Well, that sure makes sense- giving money to the poor makes them poorer, while giving money to the rich makes poor people richer.  That's about the gist of Michael's remarks, and who could argue with rock-solid logic like that?  Michael continues:

"In effect, Social Security and Medicare have been transferring money from low-earning young people (who don't pay income but are hit by the payroll tax) to increasingly affluent old people."

Well, except for the fact that the "increasingly affluent" old people paid for their social security benefits every week of their whole work life.  So, let's take away their Social Security so they can be increasingly un-affluent, the way God intended them to be.  And by the way, how about enacting a 100% tax on people making more than a million dollars a year so we don't commit the crime of transferring money from low-earning young people to them?  How about that idea, Michael?  After all, the government guaranteed Social Security payments to people who contributed to the fund when they were working, but it never guaranteed that rich people have a right to stay rich. 

Humberto Fontova, Town Hall:  "Black Friday Greetings from Fidel and Che...Macy's, for instance, serves tens of thousands of shoppers that one day. If nothing else, the theme would make for a hair-raising Hollywood drama or disaster blockbuster. Credibility might be a problem, however. After all, even the most bloodthirsty and psychopathic of terrorists seek government or semi-military targets...Yet the movie could be based on a terrorist living today who planned this very type of civilian carnage 49 years ago."

Carnage by three people that Humberto claims were arrested for planning this crime at the behest of the Cuban government, Roberto Santiesteban, and Jose and Elsa Gomez-Abad.  I thought I would google these people's names and see what I learned.  As to the first guy, I checked about the first seventy or eighty hits, and found not one word about him ever having been charged with this crime, except a few posts at Free Republic and other wingnut liars, mostly citing each other.  The other two?  Well, I didn't make it through eighty hits.  I gave up when I got to this one:  "Jose Canseco Proposes To Lady GaGa on Twitter"  In fact, if you Google "Cuba terrorism" you will find nothing alleging any Cuban attacks against the United States, but you will find a good number of terrorist acts committed by right wing anti-Castro terrorists against Cuba.

And by the way, Humberto, Che died 44 years ago. Having to hunt pretty hard for left wing boogie men, huh?  Going back half a century, and then making it all up.  That really is pathetic.

Kate Hicks, Town Hall:  "Thanksgiving Stocks at Lowest Level Since the Depression...Looks like the economy could use that Black Friday boost; the Dow is down at its lowest level since the Great Depression in 1932."

Gee, that's news to me.  A quick Google search tells me that the Dow reached a low of 41.22 in 1932, before American citizens could take the economy out of the hands of the Republicans.  The Dow closed at 11,240 on Friday, before rebounding  by 300 points.  I can't say I am a hundred percent positive, but I do believe that 11,240 is higher than 41.22.

Another lesson to teach us that there is no lie too big for Republicans.

Dan Spencer, Red State:  "Union Leader Endorses Gingrich for President"

Man, that one almost gave me a heart attack.  Turns out he was talking about the New Hampshire Union-Leader, the most right wing mainstream newspaper in the country.  Funny what leaving out a hyphen can accomplish.

Bob Owens (nee Confederate Yankee:)  "Barack Obama hates white people ...For decades, Democrats have suffered continuous and increasingly severe losses among white voters. But preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class."

Unlike Republicans, who will never abandon the white working class, since they abandoned them about a hundred years ago, and have been stabbing them in the back ever since.  And as for the hate thing, Bob, that's pretty much your side's specialty.  Asshole.

Bob Owens:  "Frank flees House "

That would be Barney Frank, who at age 71 is "fleeing" from the house after being elected sixteen times.  Now, if you really want to see a story about fleeing the house, try googling the words "Newt Gingrich."

Bob Owens:  "Iran threatens ’150,000 missiles’ if Israel attacks...I love the smell of Iranian bombast in the morning"

Easy for you to say, from 12,000 miles away, dickhead.  Why not go over and fight them yourself, rather than constantly encouraging people you don't give a damn about to kill each other so you can have your vicious fantasies?

Jazz Shaw, Pajamas Media:  "The Logical Extreme of the ‘American System’...The toxic mix of unbridled individual liberty and unfettered capitalism."

Honestly, I was too bored to read much of this, but I think I got the idea:  We don't dare tamper with unfettered capitalism, so we'd better do away with a bunch of individual liberty.  Particularly those liberties popular among Democrats.

Michael Oberndorff, Renew America:  "Democrat racism"

This article was about something that happened in 1955.  I don't think you need to know any more about it than that.  Well, how about just a little bit more:

"Frankly, I think this is where much of the anger and black hatred of white people comes from. Consciously, or subconsciously, they hate the fact that they have been suckered by white Democrats onto the Democrat Plantation."

Why, now I see!  Black anger toward whites has nothing to do with slavery and a century and a half of oppression, no!  They are angry because Democrats passed the Civil Rights act.  Why didn't I ever see that before?

Renew America:  "'Company Policy: We are not hiring until Obama is gone'..."Can't afford it," explained  employer, Bill Looman, Tuesday evening. "I've got people that I want to hire now, but I just can't afford it. And I don't foresee that I'll be able to afford it unless some things change in D.C."

No real explanation of why the guy wants to hire people if he can't afford to.  Most businessmen only hire people if hiring them makes money for their business.  I suspect there's something about the free enterprise system that Bill there just doesn't quite understand.  After all, I'd like to hire a million people to build me a great big palace, but I can't afford it either. 

So, Bill, here's the thing:  It's not Barack Obama's job to guarantee that you can make money if you hire people- it's your job. That's called Capitalism.  Sounds like you are more into something they call "Communism." Think about it.

Barbara Simpson, World Net Daily:  "In about 20 years, if you're in San Francisco and admiring a snazzy bridge crossing the bay – enjoy the view. It will be a good-looking structure...From the moment the decision was made to build a new bridge, there were government officials spending money they didn't have based on projections of future income..."

Yeah, what business does government have building a bridge?  If you're in the East Bay and you want to get to San Francisco, swim for it, sucker.  Or wait until private enterprise coughs up the billions to build the bridge, just dreaming of how fast it will make a profit on the two dollar tolls.  Better to use that borrowed government money to CUT THE ESTATE TAX!

And by the way, who could imagine a business so stupid as to borrow money based on projections of future income?  No, real businessmen borrow money on the projection that if they lose it all, the government will bail them out.  That's what the government really exists for- to see to it that the rich stay rich no matter what they do.  Anything else is class war.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Your ‘Feel Good’ Video of the Day: #Occupy Goons Tased & Dragged From WA Capitol Building"

Nothing humorous here.  I just want to add this to the growing list of examples of what I believe to be a deliberate campaign by the right to desensitize their followers to the notion of violence against liberals.  I've reported numerous instances of this behavior in the last several months- this is another one.

World Net Daily:  "With God gone, can 'The Muppets' save society?"

Probably not, but they have a better chance than the Republicans.  So there.


Grung_e_Gene said…
Green Eagle How many times must Conservatives tell you it's not about Race for you to get it? It doesn't matter how many emails they send with watermelons on the white house lawn or comparing Michelle Obama to Chewbacca or citing her "uppity-ism" or showing Obama as an African witch doctor!

So what if confederate yankee is explicitly saying obama hates whites! Dinesh DSouza and Newt Gingrich made the same comments last year with the Obama is ruled by the dead ghost of his Marxist Kenyan father and Glenn Beck stated it on Faux News two years ago!

Gosh you just don't get it!
Magpie said…
“Barack Obama hates white people”

He hates his mother?

“I love the smell of Iranian bombast in the morning”.

I love an allusion to a conservative actor’s lines from a Hollywood treatment of a war we lost….
Somehow it just encapsulates the vapidity and the revisionism of the Right, and their infantile desire to sound tough.

"Democrat racism".

The sort that doesn’t do segregation and lynchings.

“From the moment the decision was made to build a new bridge, there were government officials spending money they didn't have based on projections of future income..."

Most infrastructure is built that way. Toll roads, for example.

That’s how my parents built their house too. Maybe they should have built a bridge instead, so they could have slept under one like proper poor people are meant to, and never own anything.

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