I Hate Politics

There used to be a time when people could wake up in the morning, and think, "What good could I accomplish today- what could our nation's people do by coming together, to make this a better country?  Not that long ago, there was a reason to approach politics as one of the great ways to make this world better.

No more.  Not in this country, anyway. The Republican party has seen to that.  They have destroyed the ability of government to do a single good thing.  Today, we wake up every day to face nothing but the latest in an endless string of Republican atrocities; to face an unending struggle to undo the latest abomination perpetrated on the American people by the Republican party.  

Consider just a few examples from the last week:

Texas Judge corruptly rules that an abortion pill is harmful:  Despite all the scientific evidence and despite a 23 year history of safe use of this drug, he claimed corruptly, and without a shred of evidence, that he had the right to ban it.  This is not primarily a blow against women; the real intent is to destroy the notion that rulings from Republican judges need to be based on facts, but can just as well be based on the most loathsome self-serving political calculations.  

Jim Jordan threatens Prosecutor Bragg, clearly intending to force Bragg to reveal the prosecution's deliberations, with the intention of turning the information over to Trump, in an act of unbridled corruption.

Two black men who dared to speak out for gun control were kicked out of the Tennessee legislature in an act of open corruption by the Republican majority in the legislature.  Yeah, they are back now, at least for a while, but this is still an act of open fascists.

Texas Governor Abbot threatens to pardon convicted murderer because he killed a liberal protester.  This man was found guilty of murder for gunning down a protester in full public view, but Abbot intends to establish the principle that it is acceptable for Republicans to kill Democrats who oppose them.  We know perfectly well where that will lead.

Clarence Thomas, who has been an openly corrupt Justice since his being foisted onto the Supreme Court, has now been revealed to have criminally accepted millions of dollars in favors from a billionaire who is an open fan of the Nazis.

James Comer, who is leading the House persecution of President Biden, is unable to cite a single Biden misdeed, despite devoting his life to putting the Bidens in prison.

...And all of this, and a hundred more examples, are happening to the unstoppable drone of Donald Trump's endless, vicious, hate filled lies.

And don't think this is an accident of history.  The Republican party, which is apparently  incapable of coming up with an honest solution to a single one of our nation's problems, is absolutely brilliant at discovering new piggish ways to throw monkey wrenches in the gears of progress, eating up every scrap of energy decent people have to devote to fixing things.  This is so painful and draining, that even people as politically obsessed as myself have nearly reached a point where we are just not able to take it any more, posing the risk that Republicans will create a country in which only those with the most barbaric instincts rule our country.  

I am worried that a lot of us do not even have the energy to reach to November, 2024.  As frightening as the prospect is, a massive enough effort by the dying Republican party to corrupt the electoral process could once more succeed in placing Donald Trump or someone even worse in the White House.  That would be, I am confident, the last election this country will ever see, with what follows looking very much like the Reichstag and the Enabling Acts of 1933. Tell me that I am wrong, but you'd better have a good argument, because that's how things look right now.


One Fly said…
You are not wrong not even a little bit.

An article I glanced at a bit about Fetterman said 58% of people suffer from depression. I do and friends of mine do as well. Republicans are the reason totally.

You hear "I just turn it off or tune it out. Well good for fucking you. I can't help it I care and have participated in this process. Never forget seeing Ruby shoot Oswald on live TB way back then and on and on and on. Seen it all.

It has been quite a few years since this country's government has functioned well at all reaching the point where it is literally impossible at most levels of government to have intelligent discussions on issues we face - impossible!

Pretty much a pacifist however I literally hate these people. They want nothing more than to harm us. Sure as hell don't have any quick answers but if Democrats would learn how to fight that would be a start.

As a white boy with legal residency in Mexico - these fucks start shooting on this side of he border I will be on the side of mis amigos!
Green Eagle said…
Thanks for the reply. I have just felt this way more and more lately. As for depression, there is some depression in my family, so I have seen it close up. The same Republican "geniuses" that have learned so well to generate rage and hatred in their followers have also learned to generate depression in their enemies. I don't think this is a bit accidental- it really is an evil scheme on the level of the greatest Bond villain plots, only it is all too real.

All I can say is that, thanks to demographics, if we can hold them off another decade or two, I really do think they will wither like the Whigs did in the 19th century, but they know this too, and they are going to try every loathsome scheme they can think of before they give up. We are seeing Republican behavior (endorsing open racism and white supremacy, abandoning even the pretext of fair elections or honest judges, and on and on) that most of us never really thought we would see. I suppose somehow we must gather the strength to put them down the way the world did with the Nazis.
Grung_e_Gene said…
Twas always so. Republicans decided to Rule or Ruin as they've done in the past. We have to resist and fight back or be slaves.

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