A Good Update on the Miserable Career of John Durham

 I occasionally recommend a post from someone else here, which I think gets to the heart of the issue so well that there is no point in my rewriting it.  This is one of those times.  The post deals with the crusade of John Durham, selected to preside over an "investigation" of Obama, Biden and Hillary, which as I have reported on a number of occasions was nothing but an attempt to trump up a bogus right wing smear of all of them.  Durham revealed himself to be a crude, lying right wing hack just like the President who appointed him.

Well, here is an article from Mark Sumner at Daily Kos, entitled "Behind the scenes of Durham investigation reveals special counsel engaged in serious abuse of power" which will bring people up to date on what we now know about this serious misuse of prosecutorial power from Durham, former Attorney General Barr and Trump.  Much of it seems to be based on reporting at the New York Times, which is of course behind a paywall; in any event I try never to link to anything from that malicious newspaper.  

It is a very well written article, covering one of the many sordid abuses of government power by the Trump administration.  It is particularly important now, as the (barely) Republican House seems intent on conducting two years of bogus investigations in large part patterned on examples like this.  I strongly recommend clicking on the link and reading it.

Update:  In a new article, Mark Sumner makes it clear how thoroughly criminal an enterprise was conducted by Barr and Durham.  As he points out, these two, as well as their boss, should be in prison for the rest of their lives.  Instead, we are about to be treated to two years of Republicans attempting to imprison Democrats for nothing but made up charges and lies.  Anyone with a shred of sense ha known for decades what monstrous corruption lies at the heart of the Republican party, but the promise of quick riches from the likes of the New York Times, Fox News and a thousand phony right wing "think tanks" seems to guarantee that virtually every reporter in the country is corrupted beyond redemption.


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