Suckered Again

Although, how many times do you have to play the sucker before you change from a victim into a collaborator?  Is being a Democratic leader a license to be stupid?

Can't the Democratic leadership see that they are being suckered once again by Republicans?  They are going to buy the kabuki act of a 25 year old girl and suddenly decide that there really were decent Republicans in the Trump administration?  They are going to agree that there were people there, supporting the criminal, treasonous Republican agenda, who just didn't notice until the last few weeks that they were serving a force of monstrous evil?

Shouldn't it be clear to everyone by now that the only thing that has changed is that Republicans have realized that they are not walking away Scot free from the monstrous destruction they have caused, so they have decided to all turn on Trump, and blame all the damage that their party has spent half a century creating on him, and then move on, confident in the fact that Democrats and the mainstream press will let them get away with it?  

Hear the Democrats crowing that the January 6th committee's findings are all based on Republican testimony!  All Republicans who spent their entire time working for Trump doing exactly what they were told to do, never speaking one negative word when it might have done some good.  And this includes the Democrats' newest champion of democracy, Cassidy Hutchinson, who shows no sign of ever objecting to what the Republicans did with the Presidency, but has now masterfully turned the entire press coverage of the hearings away from Republican treachery to a few anecdotes about How Silly That Childish Trump Is.  

In an act of betrayal that matches anything Trump ever did, the Republicans have decided to throw him overboard, and then go back to their usual game when they screw things up- what they did with Herbert Hoover, what they did with Nixon, and what they did with George W. Bush- pretending that they have cast out the one bad actor in the whole party, and now they will return to governing as adults. And the press will fall for it, and the Democrats will let them get away with it.  

And that is all it took to pervert the entire message of January 6th.  Oh goody, maybe Trump will be charged with a couple of crimes for which he will successfully evade punishment, as he always has in the past, and we will be left with a destroyed government, thanks to a fifty year Republican conspiracy that nobody really wants to talk about.


Grung_e_Gene said…
I don't by this story being pushed by the mendacious media. Reporters are always willing to run with Dems in Disarray and unnamed Biden staff have a scoop for you about infighting bullshit.

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