Just to get things clear before the orgy of praise directed toward James Comey which is coming this week, here is the truth about Comey.

James Comey is a right wing hatchet man, who, in by far the most important act of his pathetic life, stabbed Hillary Clinton in the back in an absolutely gratuitous raising of an issue that he knew was a total lie, right before the election, and in the process did more than any single person, Putin included, to put Trump in office.

This was a deliberate, knowing act of treachery toward our country which is proving to be more damaging than almost any other single act of a government official since Robert E. Lee decided to turn traitor.

Then, after Trump, in true gangland fashion, rewarded Comey's act by firing Comey and humiliating him in public, Comey decided to take his revenge, not for the damage Trump was doing to the country, but for the personal insult he suffered.  That is not the act of a patriot; it is the act of a mobbed up criminal little different than Trump.

Be careful who we invite into our house.  Great that he is spilling the beans on his corrupt boss Trump, but don't be fooled into thinking that this act makes Comey a patriot, or anything else besides the wretched Republican tool he is.


Jerry Critter said…
Follow the money...he will make a bunch!
Anonymous said…
I agree.

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