Waiting In The Wings

Hillary's single speech against Trump has done him so much damage that he has been reduced to playing defense:
Very good temperament!  The GREATEST temperament!!!  No one has a temperament like him...

One speech and Trump is on his heels.  And here lies the great danger.  Lurking just off stage is the legendary Zombie Eyed Granny Killer, just waiting to trot out his famous reluctant hero role one more time:

"What Endorsement? Ryan Is About To Roll Out His Counter Message To Trump...On Friday, Ryan gave a sneak peak of "a better way," his six-part policy initiative to show the American people what Republicans stand for. Beginning next week, Ryan will roll out policy plans to target issues from poverty to tax reform...Ryan it seems is beginning his fight to preserve the conservatism he believes should be at the center of the party's identity just as Trump is redefining what it means to be a Republican."

Hillary's demonstration of just how easy it will be to devastate Trump, or at least get Trump to devastate himself, holds a great danger.  We have a month and a half until the Republican convention, plenty of time for the "Dump Trump" movement to resurface; and the odds on favorite for their affections is Paul Ryan, a slick,heartless con man whose act has been bought into by the mainstream press for years.  It would be so easy for Republicans to run on a platform of "see, we kicked the crazy guy to the curb, and now we have a serious candidate," and for the press to ignore the fact that Ryan's positions are just as miserable as Trump's.

Right now, I am praying that Democrats can walk the line and not go for Trump's jugular until he is actually nominated by the Republicans.  He is the perfect creature of Republican lies and smears and it is about time that we face down not just Trump, but the whole ugly Republican edifice.

We know now how vulnerable Trump is.  Of course his mindless, hate filled followers will vote for him anyway, but they were never going to vote for a Democrat anyway.  And I'm sorry if this sounds naive, but I think there are millions of undecided voters that can be made to see how humiliating it would be to have him for President.


Green Eagle said…
Right now this is my biggest fear- after Trump, they could make Ryan, who is just as disgusting, and whose ideas are just as bad as Trump's, but who is a better liar, seem like an acceptable alternative.
Grung_e_Gene said…
All it took was one speech by a person who knows how to deal with bullies. The Republican deep bench of shit didn't know how to fight bullies because fundamentaly that is what they are, Hillary knows how to take bullies, especially right-wing ones; she's been doing it for 25 years.

It won't matter to conservatives they long ago sold their souls, honor and vote to Trump because he gave them what they've desperately yearned for, for decades; Outright Racism unvarnished by dog-whistles, winks, and code speak.

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