They're Panicking Big Time

This is a nice story:

"Aug 12 (Reuters) - Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Monday called on the Obama administration to delay the Oct. 1 opening of exchanges where uninsured Americans will be able to buy health insurance until the U.S. government can guarantee the protection of people's personal data.
The exchanges, a key element of the president's signature 2010 healthcare law dubbed "Obamacare," will be largely online.

In a letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the agency taking the lead in implementing the law, McConnell said that "Americans should not be forced into the exchanges, and certainly not without these assurances" that personal and financial data will be safe from "hackers and cyber criminals."

The Republicans are in a total panic about Obamacare's taking effect.  They are now months away from the time when the American people find out what it will really do for them, and they are clutching at any straw to try to convince themselves that they have a chance to derail it.

Well, they don't have a chance, but they still have lots of money from the Koch brothers etc, and they will keep spending it to spread their lies. 

No matter.  A few months from now, Obamacare will start pounding a great bloody stake into their hearts.  That will be fun to watch.


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