Monday, May 9, 2011

Wingnut Wrapup

So they've had two colossal, historical humiliations in the last week or so. Do you think it slowed them down?  NO! It sped them up!  Apparently, you can't keep a bad man down either.  So, hold on tight, here we go:


Oh yes!  A congressional investigation of America's biggest anti-terrorist success in eight years.  That makes sense.  Nothing Obama deserves for catching Bin Laden like a sound Congressional humiliation.

Astute Bloggers:  "The agreement between Fatah and Hamas marks the end of the so-called "peace process" - AND I BLAME OBAMA!"

Of course you do.  Remember when one of you guys blamed Obama when his toilet stopped up?

Andrew G. Bostom, American Thinker:  "Did Naval Burial Ceremony for Bin Laden Curse Jews and Christians, and Confer Pardon and Paradise on the Muslim Mass Murderer?"

Well, Andy, I can't be 100% sure, but really, I don't think so.

Lawrence J. Siskind, American Thinker:  "After viewing the disastrously disappointing movie version of Atlas Shrugged, her magnum opus, Rand's fans, friends, and even casual acquaintances have a right to know how the guardian of this legacy could have allowed this to happen."

Don't ask us, Larry.  We're still trying to figure out who let Jar Jar Binks into Star Wars.

Larry Shenk, Ameerican Thinker:  "It's harder to get a job at Walmart than it is to be admitted to an Ivy League school."

You just keep believing that, Larry.  I guess that helps you "explain" how Barack Obama got into Harvard, when he is obviously not even qualified to work at Wal-Mart, what with him being a you-know-what and all.

Pam Geller, Atlas Shrugs:  "Was it "Tacky" to Celebrate When Hitler Was Killed?  Was it wrong to dance and celebrate when we killed Hitler?"

Pam, I don't know how to break this to you, but we didn't kill Hitler.  He killed himself rather than surrender to the people who really conquered Berlin:  those evil Commies.  It's a well known fact.  look it up.  You'll be so surprised.

Jeannie DeAngelis, Pajamas Media:  "Barack is the Lady Gaga of politics, all glitz and hype and totally overexposed."

Except, of course, Lady Gaga never caught a terrorist or stopped a depression.  Don't forget that, Jeannie.  In regard to things like that, your guy George was really more the gaga sort. Of course, he couldn't even sing.

David Solway, Pajamas Media:  "The myrmidons of the left who celebrated 9/11 as a justified requital against the United States for its perceived geopolitical sins have had to endure the humiliation of national jubilation."

Who (or what, for that matter) those myrmidons might be, Mr. Solway never says.  I don't remember any left wingers, "myrmidons" or non-myrmidons, celebrating 9-11.  I do, however, remember people at Pajamas Media jumping with joy at every problem the country has under Obama, and inventing plenty more when real ones don't show up fast enough.  So which side is really anti-American, huh, David?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "The Definition of Incompetence… Team O Releases Version 29 on Osama Raid"

The definition of competence:  Bin Laden Dead; American casualties 0

The real definition of incompetence:  Seven years and two trillion dollars squandered, five thousand American dead, an innocent country devastated, Bin Laden nowhere in sight.

Deal with that, Jim, you ass.  And I'm not done with you today:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "More Bad News For Libs… American Public Not Fooled By Media – Remember Obama’s Far Left Antiwar Past...In South Carolina this week a Frank Luntz focus group of conservatives were not fooled by Obama and the state-run media."

Oh, I see, Jim.  a "focus group" of admitted conservatives "polled" by notorious Republican liar Frank Luntz now represents the opinion of the country.  Man, are you getting hard up to find anyone on your side.

World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE!  "Nailing Bill Clinton is like trying to nail a f--t to the wall"

Yes! Breaking news!  A Republican Congressman said something disgusting about a Democrat twelve years ago!  No mention, of course, of the fact that it was so hard to "nail" Bill Clinton, because all of their charges against him were malignant lies. 

Sound familiar to anything going on today?

World Net Daily EXCLUSIVE!  "Hawaii detective charges 'birth certificate' a fraud...Claims phonies created by state in order to 'screw with birthers'

WHY?  Why in God's name would they do that?  And does the State of Hawaii actually employ professional document forgers?  Somehow I doubt that.  Incidentally, other than a mention of some guy once winning a dozen golf balls, there is no evidence online that anyone named "Takeyuki Irei," the alleged detective, exists in Hawaii.  No evidence, of course, other than the quadrillion or so wingnut websites that have, by now, repeated World Net Daily's lie. Apparently, Takeyuki is a very private detective.

And now, today's award for Scandal Least Likely to Blossom:


No shoes, no legs, buster.  Get working on your next lie, and better luck next time.

And the Certificate in World Class Incoherence:

Astute Bloggers:  "WW4 IS REALLY A RETURN TO THE REAL WW1.  The current global war is very often referred to as WW4, (WW3 being the cold War).  But I now think that WW4 is really WW1...

What we now call WW1 was really WW2, and what we call WW2 was WW3 and what we call WW3 was WW4.  The Global War Against Islamism is WW1.  This time I hope we finish the job. That means doing to them what FDR and Truman did to the Nazis."


Troglo Pundit, Right Wing News:  "So: if Obama made up the whole “we got bin Laden” story to boost his poll numbers – and I’m not saying he did, but if he did…"

Oh no, you're not saying that, but just think, suppose it were true...Honestly, I don't think the whole country of Iraq exists- no one I know has ever seen it.  I think Bush and Cheney just made it up in order to steal two trillion dollars from the American people. The so-called "Saddam Hussein" was really just Stacy Keach in a uniform.  Now, that's a lie.  Yours is just pathetic compared to mine.  So there.

And now a food safety warning I think we can safely afford to ignore:

News Cottage 3:  "Jew Merchants Make Big Bucks Feeding You Unclean, Filthy Oysters "

Filthy oysters- the next national crisis.  And you thought the real estate crash was bad.

And to finish things off today, this shocking statistic:

Kerem Oner, American Thinker:  "55% of Americans Prove Failure of Education...55% of Americans blame former President Bush and the Republicans for the mess we are in! "

Disgusting.  In a really eductated country, that would be about 99%.


Alan Keyes said...

When does WW5 start? I'd like good seats.

Poll P. said...

They're scrambling, G.E. I wtched Barry O on 60 minutes last night, and my faith was substantially restored.

magpie said...

Following on from the Takeyuki Irei thing….

In my devious foreign concept of how a free society is meant to operate… I have had some difficulty understanding the birther phenomenon…
For perspective, our current prime minister was born in Wales and neither of her parents were Australian at the time. A former premier – our equivalent of a governor - of the most populous state in Australia was born in Las Vegas and became a naturalised Australian in the year 2000, nine years before taking office.

In reading about these strange birth certificate obsessions I came across a post that might interest you:

This comment: “Birthers interpreting Article II say that "the president must above all else be loyal to this nation." It is a "self-evident" truth that such loyalty is drawn from nature–and they are quite explicit about what that means: "kinship, our most primitive and natural form of citizenship, from blood"; a nativity which comes "from the soil," or "place of birth." It is an ideal of kinship that energizes the birther movement—the transmission of civic identity by descent, through bloodlines, from parents to children.” … is a deeply disturbing observation.

For a frame of reference, all one need do is quote Wikipedia:

“ Fascists seek to purge forces and ideas deemed to be the cause of decadence and degeneration and produce their nation's rebirth based on commitment to the national community based on organic unity where individuals are bound together by suprapersonal connections of ancestry, culture, and "blood". “

Anonymous said...

G.E. Another astonishing collection of comments. I laugh I cry. Magpie thank you for your post too.

Green Eagle said...

"they are quite explicit about what that means: "kinship, our most primitive and natural form of citizenship, from blood"; a nativity which comes "from the soil,"

Blood and soil...let me think, where have I heard of that before?

Cardinal44 said...

I didn't think oysters were kosher.

Green Eagle said...

That's why they're selling them to the Goyim.

Dave Dubya said...

That does it. The line is crossed. Lady Gaga is an artist epitomizing what's left of the American Dream. She's a real working class girl with musical training who built herself up without the backing of banks or aristocrats like the Koch brothers.

Want hype and overexposure for no talent and no brains? Unlike Gaga, Sarah Palin's still all over our media and has done nothing to earn it.

Gaga'a the "real American". Just sayin'...

Green Eagle said...


I'm not into that kind of music at all (I'm more of a Buddy Guy kind of person) but I find Lady Gaga to be an entertaining person with a refreshing lack of self-importance. I'm happy to see her have all the success she can find, as long as it doesn't involve me listening personally.

Dave Dubya said...

I'm more than old enough to be her father. I respect and will tolerate any dedicated musician.

Once upon an era, I even had the opportunity to pass a fat dank number, along with a bottle of Courvoisier, around with Buddy and Junior Wells after one of their sets.

I also was lucky enough to shake hands with Gatemouth, Robert Jr. Lockwood and B.B. King.

Poll P. said...

Dave, you have earned G.E.'s undying admiration and respect.

Green Eagle said...


I think I saw Buddy and Junior three times. Never shared anything mind-altering with them, unfortunately. The nice thing about those days is that you could see people like that in small venues. Now, to see Buddy Guy you have to go to somewhere like the Hollywood Bowl. Oh well, I guess we're lucky to still be able to see him at all- someone old enough to have been a major influence on Jimi Hendrix.

Oops...I've drifted off topic. Talking about Buddy Guy is no way to keep up Green Eagle's trademark stuttering anger.

Green Eagle said...

Note: Some comments were lost in Blogger's collapse yesterday. Sorry.