Monday, May 11, 2009


I totally stole this item from Alicublog, so shoot me. But remember, I might come back to bite you, so go for the head.

There is a more than idiotic website out there called Big Hollywood, a wingnut website which exists to blame liberals for all sorts of crazy things. I normally don't bother with this site, because, being a (minor) part of what you might call "real Hollywood," I quickly realized that the Hollywood they are talking about is actually on some other planet.

Anyway, today they have an article about Zombie movies, and why they are so popular. After a few hundred tedious words which aren't worth your time, they arrive at their conclusion:

"Both the zombie appeal and the swine flu fears are caused by two things: the news media’s increasing use of scare tactics in trying to lure audiences, and the socialists’ continuous use of fearmongering to press for political power."

Oh, I get it. Socialism causes zombies. Why didn't I ever figure that out myself?

Note:God, these people are stupid.

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