Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pelosi Responsible

Anyone who has been following the "liberal media" or the wingnuttosphere in this country is well aware by now that the guilt for the whole torture thing lies squarely on the shoulders of Nancy Pelosi.

I just noticed, for example that , at the presumably fair and balanced site Red State, currently the top five stories are about Nancy. These include "Pelosi Beclowns Herself," "Why didn't Pelosi Act," "Nancy Pelosi is the most Gullible Person Alive," "Nancy Pelosi: Just Another Democrat Politician Flailing About in an Effort to Save her Own Skin," and my personal favorite, "Lieberman Doesn't Know Where Pelosi's Getting This 'Misled' Thing From."

Here's what these bozos have to say about Joe:

Joe Lieberman’s taken a lot of garbage from Pelosi’s ideological cohorts over the years, and even though he’s easily given better than he’s gotten the thought of a little more payback is clearly not an unwelcome one. In fact, I think that Lieberman’s enjoying this more than the neocons are...."

Because, to conservatives, "country first" really is a meaningless taunt.

Well, folks, a gullible, flailing, misled clown she may be, but she still beat the crap out of you in the last two elections.

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