Monday, May 18, 2009

Nancy Pelosi- Master of Evil

Of all the pathetic dodges that the Republicans have come up lately, to avoid dealing with reality, can any be more pathetic than their current attacks on Nancy Pelosi? And yet there they are, all over the TV "news," in a mass act of ideological projectile vomiting, trying somehow to convince everybody that it was actually Nancy's fault that our country is hated around the world today.

Isn't it funny that the very same people that instantly shout down anyone who suggests that Bush and Cheney did anything wrong in breaking this centuries-old taboo, still insist that Nancy, if she knew about it, is so malignant that she must resign in disgrace?

It's hard to comprehend how someone could hold both things in their mind at the same time; but then, we aren't conservatives, who have spent the greater part of their lives training themselves to believe lies.

However, as monumentally, ludicrously disingenuous at this argument is, it still is not the thing that fascinates me the most. That has to do with the CIA.

These people are frothing at the mouth in anger that Speaker Pelosi could dare to commit the unforgivable crime of suggesting that the CIA would lie!

My God, when did the CIA do anything but lie? From the Red Scare of the 50's, to their grotesque lies about Vietnam, to their lying scaremongering about Iraq, when did they ever tell the truth? From the very creation of the CIA after World War II, when Allen Dulles and Wild Bill Donovan lied to the American people about protecting Nazi war criminals, so they could use them in their schemes, the CIA has been about nothing but lying, to support military contractors in their endless campaign to manipulate us into wasting trillions of dollars on unnecessary military hardware.

That is just about all the CIA has ever done- lie.

So, Nancy, thanks for telling the truth for once in half a century, and as for you lying wingnuts out there, to hell with you.


Tim Fleming said...

I agree with your sentiments. Until our government comes clean about the atrocities and excesses of the CIA, it will always be laughably ineffectual.

Tim Fleming
author,"Murder Of An American Nazi"

Green Eagle said...

Mr. Fleming,

Thanks very much for your response to my comments.

I have always felt that the CIA was born in a condition of original sin, when it collaborated with Nazis at the end of WWII, and the guilt from this bred in them a need to see the Communists as far worse than their Nazi associates.

This led them to build a web of myths about the Russians and the Chinese, and what has been proven worse, it led to a culture in which self serving lies became standard operating procedure.

This continues to this day, and I can't see that anything other than an almost complete housecleaning will correct their problems.