Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pat "Petain" Buchanan continues to refuse to go away. Here he is again, bringing us some more news from the Twilight Zone:

"Dick Cheney is giving the Republican Party a demonstration of how to fight a popular president. Stake out defensible high ground, do not surrender an inch, then go onto the attack."

Pat, did it ever occur to you that it might not be the best think to do to continuously fight our President?

Oh yeah, it occurred to you every time you opened your mouth during the reign of your pathetic incompetent occupant of the oval office. I guess you forgot all of that in the excitement of last November.

Well, here's the thing. You have no high ground. However, you may want to think about staking out the low ground, since you Republicans pretty well own all of that. Then, instead of attacking the President, how about occasionally, maybe, just maybe, try helping him to make our country better?

No, I guess not. Foolish me.

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