Wednesday, May 20, 2009


From Red State, this lovely specimen of logic:

"Meet the New Brownshirts"

"Bruce Marks doesn’t bother being diplomatic. A campaigner on behalf of homeowners facing foreclosure, he was on the phone one day in March to a loan executive at Bank of America Corp.

“I’m tired of borrowers being screwed!” Mr. Marks yelled into the phone. “You’re incompetent!” Before hanging up, he threatened to call bank CEO Kenneth Lewis at home to complain about the loan executive."

Just in case you have forgotten who the real Brownshirts were, here is a picture of some of them:

So, I guess this is where we are today. Complaining to a bank and threatening to call their CEO is exactly equivalent to Adolf Hitler mobilizing several hundred thousand uniformed thugs to attack his political opponents.

That makes sense, right?

Continuing with this incisive commentary:

"The goal of this sort of thing, of course, is to thoroughly politicize business decisions from top to bottom of the economy, squeezing out as far as possible the role of independent business judgment...."

And, let us note that the "independent business judgment" of our nation's bankers has proven so magnificent that it would really be a tragedy for all of us if it were "squeezed out."

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