Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How Do TheyDo It?

I haven't had anything to say about the ridiculous phony outrage generated by the right over President Obama's commencement appearance at Notre Dame. The alleged substance of their remarks is totally boring to me. There is, however, something worth noticing about this pathetic affair. From Yahoo:

"About 35 people, many of them carrying anti-abortion signs, were standing on the four corners outside the school's front gate shortly before noon when a group of about 40 people led by (Alan) Keyes and Terry marched up. They stopped briefly to say some prayers and to listen to Keyes, who lost to Obama in the Illinois Senate election in 2004."

Well, there it is, in all of its glory. 75 people. You can see a photo of the event above. This is it, after weeks of covering this pseudo-issue by the mainstream media. And this pathetic turnout was further promoted with ridiculous press coverage after the fact.

The last anti-war march in Washington, just to provide a little perspective, attracted 300,000 people or more, and was virtually ignored by the media.

What this reminds me of more than anything is the Terry Schiavo vigil. I have looked at dozens of photos of that sordid event, and have never seen a picture with more than a few dozen people in it. Yet again, the press rewarded an essential non-event with endless publicity.

So much for the "left wing press" in this country, and so much for the notion that there is any real mass support for the right's idiotic cultural crusades.

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