Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gonzo Speaks

Green Eagle fave, Alberto "no brain" Gonzales speaks out on CNN (via Talking Points Memo):

"....Wolf Blitzer also asked him about the ongoing torture debate. And it was interesting to see that Gonzo -- who was White House counsel at the time the torture policies were first formulated -- seemed eager to shift any blame onto the Justice Department he would later go on to lead.

Pressed by Blitzer about his role in approving torture, he first clarified that he wasn't at the Justice Department at the key time, and said "It's the responsibility of the Department of Justice to provide legal guidance on behalf of the executive branch."

In other words: blame Ashcroft, Yoo, and Bybee."

Actually, Alberto, as I remember it, the ones that you are responsible for torturing were the American people.

Now, get back in your hole, maggot.

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