Monday, May 25, 2009

Women And Race

While on my sewer walk through neo-Nazi websites, mentioned in my previous post, I cam across the following item:

"Why do many white females ignore race as a major issue? I can only speculate the reasons for their carelessness. Most young women today have no racial awareness and if approached with the idea they simply do not want to hear it. It is necessary we awake something in these women for our future is at stake. Without strong and intelligent white mothers we do not stand a chance against the hordes that not only out breed us but are looking to defile our blood lines."

Why do white females ignore race as a major issue? Why? Just Green Eagle's opinion here, but maybe it's because they are not a pack of filthy race hating pigs. Or maybe it's because they are smarter than white men, something which would not be that hard to believe, given that the white men who still keep the Republican party on its feet are dumber than schnauzers.

Anyway. I'm not even going to get into the "defile our bloodlines" thing. Really, that is too cheap a target even for Green Eagle's brand of childish abuse. However, there is one more line in this turgid excuse for a web post that you might enjoy:

"There have been many great women patriots throughout history from Joan of Arc to Axis Sally...."

And for those of you who are so ignorant of great patriots that you don't know who Axis Sally is, here's a bit from Wikipedia:

"Mildred Gillars , also known as "Axis Sally," was a female radio personality during World War II, best known for her propaganda broadcasts for Nazi Germany....She was captured and eventually flown back to the United States in 1948. She was charged with 10 counts of treason..."

Well, there you go. Treason is patriotism. And we've gone from a woman who died for her beliefs to a right wing radio talk show host, as the ideal of the patriot. Remind you of any fat blabbermouth radio baboon you can think of?

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