Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's All the Liberals' Fault, as Usual

Oh, now I understand everything! Thank you, New York Times, for making it all so clear to me:

"WASHINGTON —President Obama's campaign to cut health costs by $2 trillion over the next decade, announced with fanfare two weeks ago, may have hit another snag: the nation’s antitrust laws.

Antitrust lawyers say doctors, hospitals, insurance companies and drug makers will be running huge legal risks if they get together and agree on a strategy to hold down prices and reduce the growth of health spending."

Oh, that's why our medical care system is so terrible! How could I have not realized this before the New York Times was so kind as to point it out to me? It's all the fault of those liberals, and their darned antitrust laws!

Of course, if we only ignored those laws and let the insurance companies and HMO's do anything they wanted, our medical costs would come crashing down, the way they always do when you just let monopolies control everything.

"Robert F. Leibenluft, a former official at the Federal Trade Commission, said, “Any agreement among competitors with regard to prices or price increases — even if they set a maximum — would raise legal concerns.”

Legal concerns- God forbid that we raise legal concerns! Far better to just let people die in the street!

I know I got a little carried away with the italic thing there, but really...God in heaven above, how long do we need to put up with these greed maddened thieves and their self serving lies.

Way at the end of the article is this:

"A new study by an economist at Northwestern University, Leemore S. Dafny, finds that a growing number of geographic markets are dominated by a handful of insurance companies, and that the decline in competition may contribute to higher prices."

Oh, so the only piece of real information in the whole article totally contradicts the fabricated assertions of the insurance companies, the HMO's and their stooges. I guess that wasn't sufficient reason to not give them an opportunity to spread their venom. Thanks a lot, New York Times.

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