Tuesday, May 26, 2009


And yet another lunatic take on the Sotomayor nomination, from Red State:

" Pyongyang. North Korea test fired....five new missiles yesterday and today in response to the United Nations Security Council’s condemnation of its recent nuclear test..... The Obama Administration’s response is essentially to change the subject and distract media and public attention from the one thing it does not want to talk about, foreign policy."

Ah, yes. The appointment of a new Supreme Court Justice, one of a President's most important and critical duties, is nothing but a cheap political maneuver to distract attention from a minor, transient foreign problem.

I'm not surprised to see them thinking that way, since every act of the last President, no matter how crucial, was subverted in the cause of Republican political convenience. Still, given that Obama has proven about fifteen thousand times as adept at foreign policy as their "grownups" were, I think we can afford ourselves the luxury of a little ridicule.

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