Sunday, May 10, 2009

Complex Issues

From Red State:

Complicated and drawn-out
Posted by Soren Dayton

"Edward Foley, a professor of election law at Moritz School of Law at Ohio State University, reviews Norm Coleman’s appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court in the Senate race there. One of the things that struck me about this recount is that the issues are so enormously complex. No one was able to describe the problems in a concise enough form to really wrap my brain around it. "

Soren, could this just possibly, maybe, be a consequence of the fact that there is one thing that no wingnut can "wrap his brain around?" That would be the truth.

Because, you see, there is an issue that is not enormously complex at all. That is the fact that Al Franken got more votes than Norm Coleman. And, unfair as it may seem to you, in the United States of America, that is the issue which is normally used to decide elections. There, that wasn't so complicated after all, was it?

Face it. Your Republican Senator, Norm Coleman, did such an execrable job during his six year term, that he totally frittered away the immense advantage that incumbents have, and lost to a comedian.

Tough luck, buster. Tough, but simple.

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