Saturday, May 9, 2009

Here's an absolutely nauseating story from the Jerusalem Post:

"....I went to the Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood on the outskirts of Mea She'arim for the counterdemonstration to a large haredi demonstration on behalf of the inauguration of several sexually segregated public bus lines."

Sexually segregated bus lines? When did the Taliban set up office in Jerusalem?

I spent some time in Israel a few years ago. I want to tell you what I saw. These so-called Orthodox Jews are every bit as loathsome and contemptible as any fanatic Muslim or right wing lunatic. No matter how many rituals they follow, no matter how many biblical laws they obey, they have no more to do with real Judaism than Osama Bin Laden. As far as I am concerned, these people, given their small numbers, bear more individual responsibility for the tragedy that is the mideast than any other religious group.

And it is important to make this clear: Practically all of these self-styled ultra orthodox Jews are ex-American citizens or their children. These people are a product of a sickness in our society, and our refusal to stand up to hatred and intolerance perpetrated in the name of religion.

Anyway, call me an idiot, that's what I believe.

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