Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

Here's the crop of brain-dead losers for today:

Pat Buchanan, Town Hall: "Historian Jacques Barzun believes Darwinism brought on World War I"

Does he, Pat? Doesn't say much for his mental acuity, does it? Of course you won't be blaming Darwin for World War II, because with your documented history of liking the Nazis, that would be a good thing, right?

Douglas McKinnon, Town Hall: "As an independent conservative and a former low-level writer for President Ronald Reagan, I maintain that conservative principles are more relevant than ever and that Ronald Reagan’s core beliefs speak anew to a nation desperately in search of answers"

Personally, I think conservative principles and Ronald Reagan's core beliefs would be more relevant than ever to a nation in search of additional problems, but that's just me.

And every other sane person around.

Warner Todd Huston, Red State: "Obama’s Racist Judge"

Unusual, isn't it, that the only racist judge Warner ever found to complain about is a Latina woman.

Little Pammy Geller, Atlas Shrugs: "Nuclear Attacks in the U.S.- I am unclear as to why the government chooses to keep this from the American people. "

Perhaps because it never happened, Pammy? I mean, I know that never stopped you from talking about something, but still....

More Little Pammy: "Obama Takes Sides with Chavez against the Honduran People"

Pammy gets the double whammy today- two citations from Wingnut Wrapup. Military Junta: good for the Honduran People- Leader that the Honduran People elected- bad for the Honduran People. Here, by the way, is a short list of other American conservative sites that took time today to tell the American people what a stirring demonstration of democracy can be found in a military coup:

Power line, Newt Gingrich, Gateway Pundit, Human Events, American Thinker, National Review Online, Town Hall

Dick Cheney, Washington Times: "Troop Pullout May Waste U.S. Sacrifices in Iraq"

Dick their sacrifices became a waste by definition, when you sent them into the wrong country. Blab away from now until doomsday- you're never going to change that.

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* Brain Surgeon Tells How to Save Your Brain From Alzheimer’s.

I kid you not- this was at the bottom of the Dick Cheney story.

Phil Brennan, Newsmax: "Ice Age, Not Global Warming, the Bigger Threat"

And attacks from Mars are an even bigger threat. Man, you guys love a lie.

Matthew Vadum, Human Events: "Many American liberals don’t seem to understand that failing to agree with them is not treason."

Once again, I wonder how Republicans can even say something like this with a straight face, after the way they acted during the Bush administration. Hypocrisy knows no bounds, I guess.

Bruce Walker, American Thinker: "Seventy-Five Years after the Night of the Long Knives"

An anniversary of a Nazi atrocity. It would be wrong to pass up any opportunity to remind the American people how much Barack Obama is just like Adolf Hitler.

And I guess we can expect Obama to have a thousand or so of his political opponents murdered any day now.

American Thinker: "No thanks from Maliki for US sacrifices"

And, seventy years later, still no thanks from Czechoslovakia for German sacrifices. See, two can play that game, buddy.

And a final MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! Today, the respected Green Eagle World Records Authority has confirmed that World Net Daily has once again set a new world record, with fifteen posts about Obama's birth certificate! Our congratulations go out to you, guys. I see 20 looming in the near future. And your hard work is paying such handsome dividends as this issue replaces the economy, the mideast, Billy Mays, health care, and so many other issues as the American public's foremost concern!

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