Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Right Wing Hate, On the March Again

You can't keep a good man down. Are you familiar with Hal Turner, a nationally known talk show host who has openly promoted far right wing ideology over the years? Well, from radio station WGN in Chicago:

"Hal Turner, an occasional talk show host on internet radio and blogger, was arrested today by the FBI in his New Jersey home on charges he threatened to murder three federal appeals court judges in Chicago....

According to the U.S. attorney's office, postings on Turner's web site included photos of the judges and addresses for them, with statements such as: "Let me be the first to say this plainly; These judges deserve to be killed."

It never ends, does it? The only question is when the response to this sort of thing is going to morph from "lone wolf" crazies to group crazies, i.e. militias or the patriot movement.

It's going to happen. Then what?


mastercynic said...

I can think of 3 Supreme Court Justices that should be killed. Can we resurrect a radical movement to deal with them?

Green Eagle said...


I suspect I can figure out who you are talking about. But, Green Eagle is not a violent bird. I would be content with life in prison without parole.

quietmagpie said...

Some months ago I got into a heated exchange with a pro-life crusader who had posted pictures and identity of abortion-performing doctors with an appeal to "God's justice". This was before the Tiller murder.
I said it was incitement and the exchange went nasty from there.
And you're damned right to ask when this could morph into group activity. A lone wolf is usually looking for a pack.

Green Eagle said...


Do you know where the ceremony of christening or the Jewish equivalent, the b'ris came from?

In ancient times, infant mortality was so high that the child was not considered to be a live human until it was a week old. That's why it wasn't even given a name until that time. Children were not even considered truly human at the moment of birth, let alone conception.

The notion that life begins at conception is simply not rooted in the historical reality of Christianity. It's just one more big lie. The fact that so many people are willing to go ballistic because of this historical falsehood is, I guess, pretty unsurprising, given the habit of the religious to do exactly that throughout history.

quietmagpie said...

No... I didn't know that about the origin of christening and b'ris.
Thank you for enlightening me.