Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little Comment about Michael Jackson.

I can't quite believe that I am writing a post about Michael Jackson.

I am a blues fan, and normally listen to the likes of Buddy Guy or Albert King. I never had any interest in Michael Jackson, but I have this to say:

I recently spent some time working in pre-production for filmed material that was to have formed part of Michael's tour this summer. I took this job with no expectations of what I found. Without exception, the people who dealt with him found him to be a highly intelligent, and surprisingly well informed person, who was very serious and dedicated to his music, and invariably pleasant to work with.

No one had anything bad to say about him, and believe me, many of us had a pretty cynical view of him before this experience. We were pleasantly surprised, and it's the least I can do to say so now.

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