Thursday, June 25, 2009

Obama- Too Perfect

Here's a spectacular, and by that, I mean spectacularly stupid, article from Politico, today, via TPM, about how careful Obama had better be about being too good. It's a great parable of the trouble Republicans are having trying to find some phony narrative that they can use to attack him:

"The Barack Obama brand is as much about being a personal example to the nation as it is about being a political figure. But the danger of that frothy mix of glamour and domesticity is that President Obama could become in the public mind something he never sought to be: the Martha Stewart of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. "

Ah yes, the danger of being too good. People might start thinking you are a criminal. Obviously, the Republican solution is much better: just be a criminal, and count on your buddies to keep you out of jail when you get caught.

"Says Republican media strategist Mark McKinnon, “President Obama and his team should be careful about trying to be perfect. Voters are suspicious of perfect. They actually prefer someone who is human. And has flaws. Like them.”

So, I take it, you think Mark Sanford still has a real shot in 2012?
"Being too perfect can be dangerous for politicians. Just ask Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor and GOP presidential candidate is a spectacularly good-looking man, extremely wealthy, well-spoken and accomplished in his professional career. And a segment of the voting public hated him for it."

Mitt Romney. Because the American people turned on Mitt Romney, the smarmy, self-satisfied rich kid, with his party-line benefit the wealthy programs, because he was just too good. That's your story, huh?

Let us be fair, and make clear that this article provides ample evidence that Obama's perfection is causing a massive public backlash:

"According to a Pew Research Center report released June 18, 72 percent of Americans have a favorable impression of the president, and only 25 percent have an unfavorable opinion. Those figures are extremely high — in July 2001, George W. Bush netted a mere 61 percent favorability score, but that was enough that the pundit class deemed him extremely popular at the time."

How pathetic is this? After five months, the Republicans can't find one damn thing to hang around Obama's neck. So now the line is, that he's no good becaude he doesn't do anything wrong?

Things like this would be so much more annoying if they didn't reveal how pathetic the Republicans and their poodles in the press really are.

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