Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Out With Obama, I Guess...

The loons are out in force today. Sher Zieve, one of our favorite wingnut jackasses, from our favorite wingnut site, Renew America, has this rare treat for us (not nearly rare enough, unfortunately:)

"Can the US Constitution survive dictator Obama?

.....Recently, retired Navy Commander Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III filed a criminal complaint of Treason against Barack Hussein Obama. As our Republic now stands on the brink of complete collapse, I thought an interview of Commander Fitzpatrick was in order."

Oh, I so get your reasoning, Sher. I am thinking of filing a criminal complaint against the Pope for fathering one of my neighbor's children using voodoo. Will you interview me, too? After all, fair's fair. Anyway, let's see what this gentleman has to say.

"Walt: "Obedient to the Constitution — my sworn duty, Mr. Obama, is to stand against what you stand for. You are not my president."

If you say so, guy. I wonder what jackass is your president.

"Mr. Obama is described in the criminal complaint as a 'foreign born domestic enemy and a traitor.' This simple declarative sentence is intended to state clearly Mr. Obama meets elements of the crime of TREASON by being an enemy of the United States and our constitutional form of government. It states also Mr. Obama adheres to other U.S. enemies and gives them aid and comfort (Obama's criminal assistants)."

Walt, did you accidentally spill your Clozapine down the toilet a couple of days ago? Just wondering. It would explain a lot.

"I'm able to report to you that federal government officials of all descriptions, and especially those at Mr. Holder's Justice Department, are working furiously to make the federal criminal complaint naming Mr. Obama disappear."

Well, believe me, Walt, Green Eagle is not doing that. No, Green Eagle wants everyone to hear your complaint. The criminal one, not the mental one. By the way, managed to refill that Clozapine prescription yet? Really, Walt, it was doing you so much good.

"The first sentence of the federal criminal complaint for TREASON reads as follows: "I have observed and extensively recorded treacherous attacks by military-political aristocrats against the United States Constitution for twenty years."

Obama being responsible for all of them, I take it. He is one evil dude, I guess.

"In the battle now joined to reconcile the question regarding the efficacy of the Constitution, there will be orders issued by military governors that subordinates will refuse to obey.... What's foreseeable is an uprising internal to the Defense Department!"

I see, Walt. As a loyal ex-member of the military, you believe that it is your sworn duty to suggest that our soldiers rise up against Government leaders. Yes, indeed, I'm beginning to understand now. What I understand is your firm grasp of what it takes to be "an enemy of the United States and its Constitution." Practice makes perfect.

"My prayer that Mr. Obama is removed by force of law in his trial for TREASON before civil and military violence escalates — internal violence to both groups as much as the combat that engages civilians against soldiers under an ever increasing martial government."

Civilians waging battles against soldiers. I can see how you think that enacting health care reform and averting a depression might lead to that (it's the Clozapine thing again.) Really, though. Walt, I'm sorry to break this to you, but we don't always get what we want, no matter how openly we lust after it. Or do we? You want civil war and military rebellion; all I want is Angelina Jolie. Can you work that out for me, in between battles?

"FOX News Channel Correspondent Shepard Smith has named himself a witness in the Obama TREASON tria ....Mr. Smith goes to prison for his complicity in Obama's TREASON rendering Smith as criminally accountable.

Shepard Smith is one of those responsible, one of those behind the curtain pulling the levers, one of the outlaw assistants in Obama's criminal adventures.

Mr. Smith committed TREASON by saying what he did."

Oh God, A Fox News Reporter is one of the criminal masterminds behind the impending destruction of the United States. I guess you showed him for daring to criticise Rush Limbaugh, the real President of the United States.

Walt? I hate this phrase, but did you ever hear of "jumping the shark?" Well, of course you did that from your first line, but this time I think you just jumped a sperm whale, or perhaps even Cthulhu himself.

"Allow me to add that the Constitution's Impeachment process does not reach to protect Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama is not legitimately holding office. Mr. Obama is now caught in the crime of TREASON and is rendered nothing more than a commoner; a smug street thug punk criminal."

A "smug street thug punk criminal" with a law degree from Harvard. God knows, there's one of them on every corner in the ghetto.

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