Friday, June 19, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

I am trying to whittle the wingnut wrapup down a little, and there was so much lunacy out there today. My sincerest condolences to those Republican liars, tinfoil-hat-wearers, greed maddened fools and the like who just didn't make the cut. Well, here goes.

Paul Wolfowitz in the Washington Post today: 'No Comment' Is Not an Option"

Paul, after your sordid record, I can only paraphrase Vince Lombardi: for you, no comment is not only an option, it's the only option. By the way, how you doing with your "mistress," now that you can't pay her out of World Bank funds?

Kevin Glass: "How Long Will Obama Get Away With This?"

Kevin, I'm guessing about eight years, total. What do you think?
He'll be done just about in time for President Franken to take over.

Michelle Malkin: "The Obamacare Horror Story You Won't Hear"

You won't hear it here, anyway, because it's a pack of lies. Or at least I assume it is, because everything else I've ever heard you say is a pack of lies. I didn't read your article because I get enough whining here at home when our neighbor's dachsund comes to visit. Bye now, Michelle.

Kathryn Lopez: "An Imperfect Senator's Road to Redemption "

That would be John Ensign. Because (repeat with me in unison, you know the line) It's Okay If You're A Republican.

Red State: "Snotty Barby Boxer demands respect not earned"

More class as usual. Remember the "respect" we were supposed to show people like Alberto Gonzales?


By refusing to complete her census form; i.e. by becoming a crook herself. Republican logic in a nutshell. By the way, thanks again, my dear, for doing so much to keep Green Eagle in business.

Gateway Pundit: "Figures: US Sends USS McCain to Intercept North Korean Ship"

I hope it doesn't turn around halfway there to go back to Washington to posture on the economy.

Some Jacksass at Human Events, I think: "It's never a good sign when your Treasury Secretary announces a plan to overhaul the financial system and the market plunges 200 points that same day. But that's what happened on Monday to President Obama."

I guess you've forgotten when that happened every time George Bush opened his mouth.

Gary Bauer: "Palin Proves Conservatives Can Fight Pop Culture and Win "

We may give you that one, Gary. They just can't fight Democrats and win, so I'm not going to worry too much about it.

George Joyce: "A failed presidency for Barack Obama could turn into liberalism's worst nightmare. Barely six months into his term, the 44th president has succeeded in generating the most widespread and serious discussion of secession since the Civil War."

Republicans encouraging sedition and treason is Obama's problem, George? No, it's all of our problem. There really wasn't much behind your eight years of nonstop blabbing about patriotism, was there?

And, just for the record, fourteen posts today on World Net Daily about Obama's birth certificate.


Poll P. said...

Excellent cheap shots. Keep up the good work, G.E.

Tom the Redhunter said...

I can see you read conservative sites. I would ask you to consider addinig National Review and The Weekly Standard to your lists. You'll find them more informative and frankly respectable than some of the sites you link to.

And thank you for stopping by The Redhunter.

take care,

Green Eagle said...

The Weekly Standard is on my list and, as you imply, it hasn't offered me much to make fun of. I'll add the National Review and see what I find.

As you can obviously see, I'm looking for humor in things, so forgive me if you find more cheap shots here than substantive discussion.