Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coleman Concedes to Senator Franken

From Talking Points Memo, the go-to source for everything Franken:

"The Minnesota Senate Race Is Over -- Coleman Has Conceded Defeat To Franken"

At this time, I wish to repeat something that I said several months ago. I feel sorry for Norm Coleman. This whole sordid business has made him look like a total idiot, and severely damaged any future political prospects that he might have had. What's more, as a successful politician, he must know this very well. I believe that the hopeless struggle to keep Al Franken out of the Senate has, for the last six months, been entirely a product of the national Republican party's desire to keep Democrats from having that 60th vote. In pursuing that objective, they threw Norm Coleman under the bus without a second thought.

I bet there are a bunch of national Republican leaders who are furious with Coleman for giving up, even now, in an attempt to salvage some shred of respectability. His role was to fall on his sword, and destroy himself for the party. Now, he is useless to them, and I'm confident that they will let him know that in short order.

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Poll P. said...

Could he be a democrat?