Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's get this over with early.
I must note, a couple of unusual people ended up here today.

Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun Times: "polls consistently show public discomfort with the implications of greater government control of medical services..."

Yes, if by consistently showing public discomfort, you mean 72% support, I guess you're right. Listen, Steve, why don't you leave the lying to the professionals over at Renew America or World Net Daily?

John Aravosis, Americablog: "Irony alert: Obama to ignore law he doesn't agree with..... provisions of the new war spending bill that the Obama administration, instead of going to court to litigate the matter, unilaterally decided that they find the provision unconstitutional."

John, apparently you never heard this: "Signing statements" have existed since the first one was issued by George Washington. They have always been used when a President believes a law is unconstitutional, and wants to avoid wasting resources on it until the courts can rule. Always, that is, until George W. Bush, who decided he was above the law, and used them for whatever he wanted. That's what we objected to- turning the presidency into a de facto dictatorship.

John, I read your blog every day, and I have for years. I know you are really angry at Obama over certain issues. That's no reason to join the right wingers in demonizing him.

Now, on to the usual suspects:

Town Hall: "Competitive Enterprise Institute On Cap-And-Trade"

Oh, that will be helpful- an opinion on energy legislation right from the oil companies.

Kevin Glass, Town Hall: "Cap and Trade to be Shoved Down Our Throats"

Yes, Kevin, if by "shoved down our throats," you mean "enacted by a majority vote of Congress."

Streiff, Red State: "The Quisling Republicans
these are the Republicans who sold out the nation's future"

Referring to the eight Republicans who voted for Obama's energy bill. These people are exactly the same as the guy who sold out Norway to the Nazis. I guess I can see how you might feel that way- Energy bill, Nazis, what's the difference, right?

Little Pammy Geller, American Thinker: "North Korea's March to War....The media is pretending that it isn't happening, whistling in the dark, but how can anyone avoid noticing that since Obama's failed policies have been introduced, the evil forces of the world have been unleashed?"

Someone was stupid enough to give Little Pammy another place to spout off her idiocy? Doesn't really give me much faith that you are living up to your name, American Thinker guys. Anyway, it's so interesting to see Pammy quaking in her boots at the thought of this miniscule, impoverished country constituting the "evil forces of the world."

You know what, Pammy? If that's the best the forces of evil can come up with, I'm just not that worried.

Victor Davis Hansen, Pajamas Media: "Just as promised, we truly have evolved into a more enlightened society under Obama."

And when, Victor, did someone promise that? Maybe it was in the Democratic platform: "Resolved: that by June, 2009, we shall all evolve into a more enlightened society."

Listen, no Democrat would ever make that promise, because "we" would include people like you, Victor, and, as for you evolving, forget it. Ain't going to happen.

Gateway Pundit: "Surprise... Obama Throws Like a Sissy "

Yeah, but he can still sink the three, sucker.

World Net Daily: "Hark! Where's the Bible Ark? Ethiopia's Orthodox patriarch cops out on revealing plan for public viewing"

And you so convinced us yesterday that the real Ark of the Covenant was about to be revealed to all humanity. We're so let down. Now, when we read things in World Net Daily, we'll just have to ask ourselves, "is that really true." And we trusted you guys so much.

Gary Bauer, Human Events: "When Gays Attack "

We're scared now. Like we were the other day, when you guys warned us about professors in jackboots trampling us into the dirt.

Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online: "Huzzah! Thanks to a few pointed questions from the press corps at a White House news conference, the long Obama captivity of the media is at an end."

So, you are going to stop whining about it, then, Jonah? Fat chance, huh?

Time for milk and cookies, Jonah, and then a nice nap. You'll feel so much better when you wake up. Trust me,


jacob said...

Who cares about a fake ‘Ark of the Covenant.’ Stephan Huller has an academic article coming up which proves that this:

is the original Episcopal throne of Alexandria, mentioned in the Acts of Peter the Patriarch, Origen, Clement and other sources and dated to the first century.

I read the book. I loved it and think its the most important discovery of this century so far but I want to know what everyone else thinks as I am not an expert.

I found his blog with additional information:

Maybe you can tell me if this for real.

Green Eagle said...


I agree with your sentiment about the ark. I don't care either. My point was that it is very difficult to take people seriously when their political arguments are interlarded with nonsense like this.

The rest of your post sounded interesting to me, and I will check out the websites. Thanks.

Green Eagle said...

Okay, I looked at the sites. I don't know enough about the Copts (although my sister once met Pope Chenuda) to comment on the ecclesiastical claims here. In looking at the side of the chair with the palm trees, however, I believe I see something which is more contemporary with the Codex Sinopensis, say- i.e. several hundred years later that the first century. I'm not an art historian, but I do know something about early medieval art, and this looks later to me, for whatever that is worth.

As to Mr. Huller's website, there is too much there for me to have an opinion about it now. It will take some time for me to wade through it, particularly as much of it is rather outside any area where I have much knowledge.