Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wash. Post Flaks for Republicans, Again

More well meant advice for Democrats from Drew Weston at the ever helpful Washington Post:

"Universal health care." "The uninsured." "Public option." These are the buzzwords you often hear from Democrats and proponents of President Obama's plan for health-care reform. But if they want to see that plan enacted, they'd do well to excise those phrases from their vocabulary."

Buzz words? Listen, you jackass, they are the truth. That's what this is about- universal health care, the uninsured and the public option. What's more, over 70 percent of the public supports the public option.

So why is this pathetic excuse for a writer telling the Democrats to sell their health care proposal by shutting up about the very things that the public supports?

Why the hell do you think? Because the Democrats need to run for cover like a bunch of pathetic losers whenever the great Republican party rears its mighty head:

"This year's implicit story line from the Republicans, as they follow Luntz's guidelines, is similar: "Watch out for these guys. They'll tell you they just want to include a government plan as one option among many. But their real agenda is a single-payer system, where you won't have any choices because they believe the government knows more about what's good for you than you do."

In other words, the Democrats don't dare tell the truth, because the Republicans are going to tell their usual lies. And once the Republicans start their lying, what chance does the truth have?

So, that's your answer, Democrats. If you want the American people to support you, forget the truth and get in there with the Republicans, with a bunch of cynically crafted lies of your own.

No thanks. This time, the truth is enough.

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