Monday, June 29, 2009

Sanford- Too Wonderful to Lose

Here's an opinion piece by one Star Parker at Townhall, that has just a little too much in it to ridicule, for it to be a mere item in Wingnut Wrapup:

"Is this the end for Mark Sanford?"

Not, apparently, if Republicans have their way.

"When I've been asked whom I thought could be the individual to lead the Republican Party out of the wilderness, my answer has always been Mark Sanford. His vision for his party and his country -- traditional values and limited government -- has always been clear, consistent, and, in my view, correct."

Traditional values. The jokes write themselves.

"The Cato Institute publishes a bi-annual report card of the nation's governors, ranking them according to fiscal responsibility. In the most recent report, three governors out of fifty received an "A." Sanford was one of the three."

"Fiscal responsibility" apparently including not giving people unemployment benefits. It's okay to spend state money, however, to travel halfway around the world to screw your mistress. That's responsible.

"And, of course, we've got the usual, and gleeful, accusations of hypocrisy that another conservative Republican has been caught with his pants down."

You're right there, baby.

"Kennedy turned out to be one of the great sleazes to occupy the White House"

Once again, I have to point out the bizarre tendency of right wingers lately, to justify their corruption by trying to dredge up something the Democrats are alleged to have done back in the sixties. This is at least the third time in the last few weeks that I have mentioned this phenomenon.

Oh, and by the way, the "Kennedy-sleaze" thing? A lie, as usual.

Now, what follows in this article is a lot of blabbing about unwed mothers, gay marriage and "non-traditional" families, with the implication that it's all the fault of those horrible Democrats. I'll spare you the gory details (you've heard it all before,) and jump right to the conclusion:

"In a world in which there is sin, in which there is right and wrong, there is also repentance and redemption.

Mark Sanford's world is that world. Let's pray that he can fix what is wrong inside of himself and that maybe we can still have a leader with the courage and vision that America needs."

So, if some fifteen year old girl in a ghetto somewhere can get pregnant, what the hell is the matter with a governor with a wife and child spending taxpayer money to visit his mistress?

And, God knows, there has been a real shortage lately of Republicans willing to pander to the ignorant, smug tax-haters out there, whose only goal in life is to not pay their share of the cost of keeping our country afloat. We can't afford to lose one just because he is a slimy, hypocritical jerk.

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