Friday, June 19, 2009

More Republican Idiocy on Iran

This interesting interchange between Chris Matthews and Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss, via Crooks and Liars:

"MATTHEWS: Well, we`ve got a long history of interfering in Iran. We interfered back when they had a democracy in the early part of the `50s, when Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA went in there and overturned those elections and put in the "peacock throne" and enforced a monarchy kind of government. Do you think we`re credible as critics of democracy of Iran? Is the United States credible in the eyes of those people and those crowds as caring about democracy in Iran?

CHAMBLISS: Oh, I don`t think there`s any question but what we are. You know, they don`t have to agree with us on everything. The people that are marching in the streets are not marching in a pro-American way.

....CHAMBLISS: Well, that election was, what, almost 60 years ago now. The world has changed dramatically since then. And I dare say that you go up to any of those people in Teheran who are protesting in the streets and say, Hey, what about the United States meddling in your election in the `50s, they would shake their heads, like, What in the world are you talking about?"

Respectfully, Senator, are you totally brain-dead? Your followers are still whining incessantly about the Civil War, and you think these people have forgotten that we took away their democracy and gave them a dictator sixty years ago? You must be totally crazy- or, wait a minute, this just occurred to me, a liar.

Green Eagle has been harping on this issue for a few days now. The United States is the last country in a position to, or with a right to, interfere in Iranian domestic politics. It is greatly to his credit that President Obama recognizes this fact. He is doing the right thing, and as usual, the Republicans are doing the wrong thing.

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