Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Eagle Apoligizes

When you are wrong, you just have to admit it. A couple of days ago, Green Eagle cruelly, and quite wrongly, as it turns out, suggested that Republican Governor Mark Sanford, who had seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth, was probably in some sort of drug rehab.

Well, Green Eagle was 100%, totally, absolutely wrong. Republican Governor Mark Sanford was not in drug rehab. He was screwing his Argentine mistress.

My most abject apologies, Mark, for this unforgivable slur on your reputation.

Update: Josh Marshall, liveblogging Sanford's press conference: "Sanford says that his family knew of his affair prior to the trip imbroglio and that he and his wife have been working through their issues for some five months."

Apparently not working hard enough to prevent him from going halfway around the world to have sex with this woman for another week.

Update 2: Cable news blabbers are insisting that the "wise" thing for Democrats to do is to remain silent about this. Remember when they told the Republicans that the wise thing to do about Clinton's blow job was to remain silent? No?

Update 3: Boy, this is the gift that keeps on giving. A still from Fox News this morning, courtesy of Daily Kos:

Love the (D) thing.

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