Monday, June 22, 2009

Republican Lunacy of the Day

A theme currently starting to appear in the right wing blogosphere is that the election protests in Iran are proof that George Bush was right when he invaded Iraq! You see, Bush unleashed a passion for democracy in the middle east which is now bearing fruit!

Because, of course, everyone in the middle east can look at Iraq with awe (or perhaps shock and awe) at the utopian paradise that we created there. I mean, forget the no running water and no electricity thing, and who minds a few bombings every week? Sheesh, Iraqis aren't weaklings like Democrats.

As to why the Iranians waited until seven years later, and only took action once Bush was out of office, no comment on that.

But, it must be Bush's doing, right? I mean that bumbler Obama, with his weak strategy of not treating Muslims as violent maniacs, and not bombing Arab countries back into the stone age, couldn't possibly be the reason why Iranians might look around and decide they want a country more like ours.

As utterly lunatic as this idea is, you can expect to hear a lot more of it in the near future, unfortunately.

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