Sunday, June 21, 2009

Things You'd Never Know if you Didn't Have the Internet

Here's some real food for thought that I came across while doing some historical research for this blog:

"Adolf Hitler: Austrian jew

Nazis persecuted Christians, not jews

Hitler's top staff were jews, not Christians

it was during Hitler's regime that....the (world) population of jews increased by 438,279 or 2.9% to 15,753,638 by 1948. Thus we can conclude that Hitler played a pivotal role in a 4.9% INCREASE in the worldwide population of jews, something that required an ingenious shipment of jews across Europe to protect them from the firebombing that completely destroyed Christian populations in cities like Dresden and Hamburg.

And now that we have written proof that the Nazis intended to replace Christians and Christianity in Germany with Nazis and Naziism, we cannot conclude that Hitler was an errant Christian who was a mere victim of circumstances--we can only conclude that he was a jew who was carrying out all the tenets of the Talmud, to perfection."

What do you do with people who are willing to believe stuff like this? I mean, really.

I have been reading David Niewert's book, The Eliminationists, which is about how ideas that were only accepted by a tiny fringe of lunatics as recently as twenty years ago, have migrated into the Republican mainstream. I've been watching this phenomenon since the 1960's, and let me tell you, I am stunned by the number of people who are now willing to believe that Democrats are Communists, that Nazis were left wingers, that the government is persecuting Christians, that Obama is part of a black plot against the white race, and all the rest of their vile lies. Please, take my word for it as someone with four decades of following this phenomenon- the words you have read above are only one step beyond what these people already accept.

This is a truly frightening phenomenon. As we see the abortion doctor killer and the holocaust museum killer and all of their overt and covert supporters, as we see the minutemen in Arizona who murdered a man and his nine year old daughter, in a plot to raise money for an antogovernment revolution, the guy who killed three policemen in Pittsburgh because obama was going to take away his guns, as we see stories of the military packed with neo-nazis and Aryan supremacists by Bush administration recruiting policies, as we see the militia movement being reborn before our eyes, and as we see people with national TV and radio shows openly advocating positions that would have been considered loathsome just a few years ago, what can we expect next?

Believe me, we are not far from seeing people acting on the basis of beliefs like the above.

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