Tuesday, June 23, 2009

King Barack the First- Revealed Again

Once again, Sher Zieve, from Renew America, has managed to bait poor Green Eagle into featuring her here, by her unique combination of lunacy and mean-spiritedness. Of course, when I say unique, I mean really common from people like her, just done in public without a thought for the humiliation that will ensue. That's Shere there, in that picture. I'd go back to Mah Jongg if I were you, Sher. And if you don't mind my saying so, you need a new colorist.

Well, here goes:

"ObamaCare: just another way to steal our money?"

How much do you have, Sher? Is it really worth an act of congress to get it?

"Unless one became blind and deaf before Obama's coronation..."

I guess I missed the coronation myself, Sher. Love to see the pictures though.

"...it has become almost impossible to avoid the increasingly realistic judgment that he has been prepared and designed to affect (make that force) a USA totalitarian police state and to steal US Citizens' money in order to — then — use it to suppress them. Relishing his duty, Obama preens and smiles to his now State-run press cameras as he delivers the horrific news of his planned and already in-process implementation of tyranny."

Increasingly realistic indeed, Sher. Say, has the doc been trying to taper off your meds? I think he made a mistake there. I'm only saying this because I'm concerned. And, honestly, I haven't seen Obama delivering the horrific news of his implementation of tyranny. You'd think he would try to keep that quiet. Well, Green Eagle is so careful to replace his tinfoil hat every day, maybe he missed that mind transmission.

"After already commandeering over a Trillion dollars from the American people and telling us it was the greedy banks and auto companies that caused and is causing our financial woes...."

God, what lunacy! That couldn't possibly be true! Banks and car companies- our best friends!

"....now Dictator Obama and his Democrat minions are telling us that healthcare is the culprit! By the way, ObamaCare will also him to control virtually all of the actions — what we can and cannot eat, do, say, think etc. — of American citizens. It will also allow him and his adherents to ultimately decide who will live and who will die. This will be called ObamaTotalControl."

Because either it's the greedy banks or the insurance companies! It can't be both, Obama, you ignorant fool! Now you've really revealed what a pathetic, deluded liar you are.

Now, on another subject, love the name: "ObamaTotalControl." That's what it will be called, huh? By whom? Outside of mental institutions, that is. Really, I want to know. Has Obama really declared this officially, or is it something he beamed to you personally? I mean, I'm not doubting you here, I just want to know the truth too, so I'm ready for ObamaTotalControl.

"Obama now tells us that 49 Million Americans do not have healthcare in the USA...."

Appearing on FNC Monday with Megyn Kelly, Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) advised Obama's 49 Million figure is greatly inflated and only has the chance of approaching credibility if ....those who have opted out of health insurance (those who actually do not want it) are included."

Oh, I see now. There aren't 49 million people without health insurance, because a lot of them actually dont want health insurance. They would just as soon combine illness with bankruptcy. Why didn't I think of that? Really, how many of those people do you think there are in the country? Six? Well, that sure gives the lie to Obama's sordid distortion. Thanks for opening my eyes, Sher.

"Look at what happened with the Democrat slush funds Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Their collapses began the current worldwide financial chaos. And, guess what? They are STILL in business being financed by the government. Can you say unrestrained corruption?"

So that's what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are- slush funds! I should have known. Those tens of millions of mortgages that they got for middle income people for sixty years were just a front! The corruption is so obvious.

"If the usurper continues to wield his scepter as a club, we might just look at what is currently happening on the streets of Tehran for our own future."

You know what, Sher? That's happened to our country before, during the Vietnam war. It didn't destroy our democracy that time and it wouldn't again. The only thing that can really destroy us is lying hatemongers like you. So have a nice day. And really, have a talk with the doc about those meds.

Catch ya next time!


Derek said...

"God, what lunacy! That couldn't possibly be true! Banks and car companies- our best friends!"

More like the Fed, government run banks (fannie and freddie), and the community reinvestment act.

The banks and car companies simply weren't strong enough to survive the crash. They most certainly didn't cause it.

Poll P. said...

I totally disagree with you Green Evil, her hair color is lovely and I estimate costs about $150 every five weeks to maintain.

quietmagpie said...

I had formed the impression that Dubbya himself said... that if there was no stimulus then "this sucker (meaning the US economy) could go down".
The financial crisis pre-dates Obama's presidency. So does the request for stimulus money.
Does this - er - lady... realize that? Or am I mistaken?

Green Eagle said...


Are you asking me if Sher Zieve realizes something that is obviously true? I don't know the lady personally, but I'd say, on the basis of her articles, that the answer is likely to be "no, she doesn't." I think you already guessed that.


You're the expert. Green Eagle stands corrected.


No, they didn't exactly "cause" the crash. Ronald Reagan did that by allowing crooks to push honest people out of our economic system. That was called "deregulation," or "making crimes legal because my political backers want to commit them without going to jail."