Thursday, June 25, 2009

Seventy Votes

Some times, you,v just got to laugh. Here's Republican Roy Blunt, from an interview:

"With respect to the passage of health care legislation, Mr. Blunt argued that it would be a mistake for the Senate to pass any health care legislation that would affect the entire country without significant agreement. He said Democrats shouldn't pass such legislation without 70 votes."

Seventy votes. Remember back there in middle school civics, when they taught you that Democracy works by majority rule? Funny, but that was great with Republicans when they were in power. Anything they could pass was just fine, and they screamed like a bunch of colicky babies if the Democrats tried to stop them with a filibuster. As soon as the Democrats took over, the rule became 60 votes. And they've gotten away with it time and time again (thanks to you, Harry Reid.) And now, it's 70?

I just want to suggest that what we are seeing here is the Republicans looking ahead to what's likely to happen in the 2010 elections, and trying to prepare for even further electoral irrelevance. And guys, just let me say, if the Democrats succeed in passing health care reform with a viable public option, I think you had better start talking about 80 votes.

Of course, seeing as how Mr. Blunt is a Republican, the reporter can't help but throw the jerk a lifeline:

"Mr. Blunt's assertion is what the minority party always says to try to prevent legislation they don't like.

Is it? You know what? I've never heard ludicrous crap like this in my entire life, Mr. Reporter. How about a couple of examples where Democrats ever demanded seventy votes in the Senate to pass legislation? I don't think you will find any such thing. This is just one more pathetic Republican attempt to manipulate the rules of our democracy.

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