Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bulletin-Thomas Shows His Independence

Readers of this blog may remember the multiple occasions on which I have suggested that "Justice" Clarence Thomas is nothing but a mindless tool of Antonin Scalia.

I have to point out today that my characterization is not 100% true. The Supreme Court just voted 8-1 that school authorities exceeded their authority when they strip searched a 13 year old girl to see if she had any Advil hidden away.

Clarence Thomas thought the search was just fine.

Way to go, Clarence. A few more decisions like this one, and we may decide that you are the most loathsome Supreme court justice, instead of only a distant second. Go for the gold, guy.

1 comment:

Poll P. said...

eah when I heard the 8-0 decision, I said "Bet it's ole Clarence again."