Monday, June 22, 2009

The Smears Go On

I don't know why I am bothering, but here is another example of the magnitude of intellectual dishonesty which is necessary to sustain conservative positions. From Town Hall, Bert Prelutzky, in an article nominally about Obama, with another deluded attack on FDR:

"The Man who Would Be God"

That's the title. He means Obama.

"....when I was five years old, my family still lived in Chicago. One day, I recall, a cousin came running up the stairs and pounded on the door to breathlessly announce that President Roosevelt was dead. The way my parents and older brothers reacted, you’d have thought the Nazis had just stormed ashore at Lake Michigan. My parents were grief-stricken. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why."

Burt, did it ever occur to you that it was because you didn't live through the depression? At the age of five, you didn't have a clue about what Roosevelt had done for your parents and tens of millions like them. Exactly how much did you know about the depression at the age of five?

"But the truth is, I’m now 69 years old and I still can’t figure it out. To this day, FDR holds a warm spot in the hearts of most Jews for reasons I can’t begin to imagine. There is nothing in FDR’s record that shows he had positive feelings about Jews."

Jews, of course, have no right to like FDR for ending the depression, bringing them social security and bank insurance, fighting the Nazis, or creating the economic framework for our nation's postwar success. Because all life is about is "what have you done for me personally," right? And all those things I mentioned only helped the Goyim. Jews didn't benefit at all from prosperity, I guess. You dick.

By the way, Burt, most normal people have ceased thinking like a five year old by the time they are 69. But not you, huh?

"Although FDR’s apologists like to point out that there were a great many isolationists in and out of Congress who opposed our entry into World War II, the fact remains that in the end Hitler declared war on us and not the other way around."

The disingenuousness of this statement is beyond human comprehension. FDR "apologists" like to point out that there were "isolationists in and out of Congress?" Yes, and those isolationists were almost entirely Republicans, who fought tooth and nail against every effort of Roosevelt to take a more active role in the fight against Hitler. Let me restate that: It was the Republicans, not Roosevelt, who didn't think it was a good idea to fight the Nazis. That's the truth, Burt- live with it.

Furthermore, you neglected to mention that Hitler "declared war on us" two days after we declared war on his ally Japan, and therefore in reality on him too; Hitler stated that he acted so fast because he knew that a formal American declaration of war on Germany was only days away, and he wanted to act first.

Here's the thing: Burt, you know every bit of what I just said. You know what that makes you? An unapologetic, deliberate and conscious liar.

I don't even have the energy to deal with the lies and smears that this jerk directs toward Obama. You've heard it all before.

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