Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

A sort of abbreviated version today- the wingnuts must have slept in.

David R. Stokes, Town Hall: "Harding also undid much of the damage Mr. Wilson had done to the economy, not to mention liberty itself."

Harding "undid" damage to the economy? Isn't that like saying that Terry McVeigh "undid" the damage to the Oklahoma Federal Building? Say, exactly how crazy are you, David? The guy caused a depression. Get over it.

Steve Chapman, Town Hall: "Tobacco Control and Thought Control
The great judge Learned Hand once said, "The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right."
One of the main purposes of the new law is to reduce the number of smokers in the name of improving "public health."

Why the quotes around "public health?" Maybe because reducing smokers couldn't really improve public health, now, could it? That's just another one of those liberal lies, like global warming and evolution.

And boy, you've got to had it to Learned Hand. It sure wouldn't make sense for those liberals to be too sure that smoking makes you sick.

Warner Todd Huston, Red State: "Why do Democrats Hate Our Soldier’s Kids?
....these ne’er-do-wells are attempting to kill the D.C. school voucher program"

I really liked this one. Being against school vouchers is attacking our troops.
Warner, that's just pathetic. Try again, guy.

World Net Daily: "Iran blames U.S. for mass protests"

So of course, the Republican answer is for us to meddle more in their election. That will work.

World Net Daily: "Obama tied to Ayers ... at age 11"

Well, Obama went to a church at age 11 that sheltered some Vietnam draft evaders who were connected with the SDS, which Ayers was a member of. That's pretty much the history of this 11 year old communist. A sordid tale, no?

Free Republic: "What will Obamacare mean for gun rights?"

The question that is in everybody's mind. What will Obamacare mean for gun rights? Oh, I don't know, nothing? That's my guess. What's yours?


Anonymous said...

I like how you provide no reasons as to why becoming involved with Iran won't make anything better.

Logic: Get to know it, it will do wonders to your vision of the world.

TRUTH 101 said...

Let me answer the anonymous dude Green Eagle.

Look friend. The biggest reason "they" hate us is because of our involvement in middeast affairs the past 50 years or so. We toppled the Iranian govenment to install the Shaw (Not Shaw Kenawe) in Iran. A brutal bastard. How could we help Iranians tired of the Ayatollah Khameini and Ahmadinijad unless we start a full scale invasion? There is nothing we can do to help but keep the lines of communication to the world open for them and root for them.

If this becomes a revolution and the world is asked for help, we can decide then. Right now it's more dangerous for those that want freedom from the oppression of the Iranian government to have us seen as on their side than staying out of this.

TRUTH 101 said...

Oh yeah. I dug the consistent stupidity of the idiot that says smoking isn't bad for you and global warming is not real.

Green Eagle said...


I'm sorry you missed my earlier posts on this subject, which laid out in some detail the sordid history of our involvement in Iran, including fomenting a coup in the early 1950's which replaced their democratically elected government with a vicious dictator.

That history is what makes our restraint now essential.

I'm sorry- I feel guilty about repeating myself too much, and yet I know that things only stay up here for a couple of days. This is a problem with this medium, and as a fairly new blogger, I haven't really found an answer to it. Any suggestions? Seriously, I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Green Eagle said...

And, Truth 101,

Thanks for the outstanding support.

Poll P. said...

I know for a fact, Anonymous, that Green Eagle is an outstanding logician. just short of a Ph.D. in it.

TRUTH 101 said...

You're a prolific guy Green Eagle. Continued success to you.

Derek said...

"How could we help Iranians tired of the Ayatollah Khameini and Ahmadinijad unless we start a full scale invasion? "

Anonymous is too slow, i'll pick it up. So you are going to play false dichotomy and limit it to two options? Showing support for the protestors, coming out and saying the election was rigged, and tell Ahmadinejad to have a fair election or else. Simple enough, couldn't think of that yourself?

As for global warming, the earth has been cooling for the past 12 years. Global cooling?

"That history is what makes our restraint now essential."


You make a fallacious argument that our actions now will end with the same result as then. Two different scenarios, two different times, two different positions. I would like to know how getting involved would harm the situation?

"I know for a fact, Anonymous, that Green Eagle is an outstanding logician."

I agree with anonymous. I have yet to see any logic. Green makes claims like meathead without support nor reason. You can't just say something and call it logic, it has to have structure and not be fallacious.

Green Eagle said...


Here's a fact for you. In 2004, America's most respected scientific publication, Nature, did a survey of peer-reviewed papers on global warming. At that time, there were over 700 of them. Every single one agreed that global warming existed and that it was caused in large part by human activity.

Virtually every supposed scientific study that opposed the notion of global warming at that time (not one with proper peer review) was at least partly paid for by one single source, the "Competitive Enterprise Institute," which was funded almost wholly by oil companies and car manufacturers.

Nothing has changed in the intervening years, except that part of the burden of paying for anti-global warming propaganda has fallen to the "Heartland Institute," which was founded by two oil billionaires, and receives its funding from a spectrum of right wing foundations. The Heartland Institute has also played a major role in fighting the notion that tobacco causes disease.

Derek, please, don't be a sap for these people.