Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They Never Quit

From World Net Daily today:

"Shocker! Most Americans know
of Obama eligibility questions"

This startling result from a poll done for World Net Daily by Wenzel Strategies, a "polling" firm from Ohio.

Why did I put quotes around the word "polling?" Well, I wondered who this Wenzel guy might be, so I spent a few minutes with Google. Here's a sample of what I came up with:

"Wenzel, who worked for years as a GOP political operative in Oregon before the Blade hired him, quit the Blade in May 2005 to take a job as a paid political consultant to Jean Schmidt, the Republican congressional candidate (and certified lunatic- G.E.) who in August narrowly defeated Democratic challenger (and Iraq war vet) Paul Hackett. "

Sounds like the ideal person to offer us unbiased, scientific poll results, huh?

Now, guys at WND, if people are concerned about Obama's birth certificate, I think you deserve a lot of the "credit." (Oops, there go those quotes again. Just to be clear, by "credit," I mean "condemnation and ridicule." Okay?) After all, today you have once again broken your all time world record, by posting thirteen stories about Obama's birth certificate. Keep up the "good" work! (And by "good," I mean "bad.")
Catch ya later.

Update: Oops, Green Eagle made a huge mistake here. Did any of you go to WND and discover his inexcuable lapse of journalistic standards? No? I wonder why? Anyway, Joseph Farah, the founder and head of WND devoted his remarks to Obama's birth certificate today. That means that there were not thirteen, but fourteen posts on WND today about Obama's birth certificate. The Green Eagle World Records Registry recognizes its failure, and offers Mr. Farah and all of the "journalists" at WND our heartfelt apologies.

Whoops, there go those quotes again. I suspect Green Eagle meant something other than "journalist" when he referred to the staff at WND.


Marie Devine said...

Regardless of those accusations, Barack Obama is in a strong position to be blackmailed by his own administration and others of the USA and abroad.

Evidence shows Barack Obama was an Indonesian citizen in the US on a student visa even after his parents were divorced when he was over 18 years old. That is why he did not register for the selective service, he was not required to, being a foreign citizen. Then he had to create one for the campaign when questions were asked.

The charges and evidences against Barack Obama are on my website, court style:

A copy was sent to Barack Obama and US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. Both were sent about 2-11-09. Barack Obama clearly thinks he has something to hide.

Email the president that you want this controversy ended, The president, administration and Congress, and media will only press the president to quickly end this controversy if the people press them for a quick end. He should easily be able to end this controversy with proofs he has held as hidden. This is serious and he cannot get out without prayer.

Green Eagle said...

Marie, if you are anything close to the expert on this subject, you know the following:

1. Under Hawaii State law, original birth certificates are kept in a vault, and cannot be released.

2. When this "issue" first gained some currency among the deranged, the Hawaii Secretary of State personally examined Obama's birth certificate, and certified that it was in fact genuine, and showed that he was born in Hawaii.

Given the fact that this information has been public knowledge since before the election, I can only conclude that you are either an ignorant dupe or an unapologetic liar.

I like to have conservatives post on this blog, and I try to treat them with respect, but this issue is a total load of garbage, and, somewhere under your bluster, you know it damned well.

Our nation is facing serious problems, and it is time for right wingers to stop their policy of avoiding facing up to them by hiding behind insincere posturing on phony issues. You and people like you are reduced to this pathetic strategy, because Barack Obama has done an incredible job of beginning to undo the damage done by eight years of Republican corruption and incompetence, and there is just no level on which you can attack him substantively.