Friday, June 26, 2009

A Charming Tale of the Right

This Post relates to the one immediately below. I suggest you read it before this one.

One of the right wing terrorists arrested today was the Reverend Robert Joost. I was interested in learning a little more about these three losers, so I whipped out teh Google. Among other things, I found this scintillating commentary:

"It looks like ZOG is rounding up everyone it can the past couple of months."

That would be the Zionist Occupational Government, to those of you not in the know.

"Bob Joos is Dual-Seedline Christian Identity....who lives on a large farm approximately 30 miles south of myself. Bob is extremely paranoid -- for good reason."

What is dual seedline Christian Identity, you may ask? From Wikipedia: "Identity Christians, known as dual-seedliners, believe that Jews were conceived as a result of Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden having sexual intercourse.

Okay, then, on with the story:

In 2004, "Bob was going on a water fast and might die in the Newton County Jail given the excessive bond put up by that sociopathic jungle-jewdge Kevin Lee Selby."

Jewdge- sweet. And not just any old jewdge, but a jungle-jewdge. I guess this was a really important case. Honestly, I think I see where this story is going.

"In Missouri, the legistraitors passed a law that the third time these 'common-law' and religious objectors refused to get a driving license it was a felony. Robert refuses to obey the law of ZOG/Babylon, and was thus convicted of felony refusal to obey ZOG and get his mark of the Beast."

I. e. Get a driver's license.

"....the McDonald County authorites had held him on trumped up charges of owning a 1917 inoperative French machinegun with lead poured down the barrel for over three years without trial. They offered to let him go with time served on a misdemeanor, with time served, but Joos demanded that it go to trial and he lost before a jewry...."

He poured lead down the barrel for three years before they stopped him? That's dedication. And the inhumanity! Now we have a jewdge and a jewry. How about some Jewlicemen and Jewtectives too?

"Then, as now, they thought that Bob Joos had gotten a common-law student named Timothy Coombs to shoot a fat highway patrol pig named Bobby Harper in his kitchen....Most of the Resistance thinks that ZOG already captured and killed Coombs and he is used to jewstify searches."

There's that Jew thing again. It must mean something.

"So as a result of these wrongful tyrannical laws, Bob Joos is a felon. Bob obeys YHWH's and his own Law."

Well, we obey ours too. And when you kill a cop, those laws say that it's okay to put you in jail. Surprised by that?

"Thanks to Bob, I now know how to properly dry and eat pigweed. "

Not sure what that has to do with anything, but there it is.

"Never believe what ZOG or ZOG's jewsmedia tells you. ZOG is rounding up Resistance activists because it is scared of what is going down and doesn't want any leadership ability to take advantage of the coming unrest before the Great Tribulation."

Well, at least we've been warned.

"Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri"

And there you go- a man of God with a pleasant tale to enliven your Friday and help you unwind from work. Sweet dreams.


Poll P. said...

Isn't "Derzhinsky" a Jewish name?

Green Eagle said...

Maybe he saw the light and converted.

Anonymous said...

Bob Joos, huh?
Do you think the name has anything to do with his derangement?

Green Eagle said...

Did you see the post above? I discovered that the guy is very sensitive about the suggestion that his name is pronounced "Jews."

Hey, if you were him, wouldn't you be, too?