Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Great Answer on Iran from the President

"QUESTION: Were you influenced at all by John McCain and Lindsey Graham accusing you of being timid and weak?

MR. OBAMA: What do you think?


Look, the — you know, I think John McCain has genuine passion about many of these international issues. And, you know, I think that all of us share a belief that we want justice to prevail.

But only I’m the president of the United States."

Watch it. The whole thing is great.

Video from Daily Kos.


Derek said...

Meh, in all honestly he has been far too timid on international issues. Next time he sends a strongly worded letter, I'm going to end up giving up all hope for the administration to be competent in anything.

We should be supporting the protesters, giving them supplies and communication support.

Poll P. said...

I saw on TV tonight several Iranians confessing that they only rioted because the U.S. made them do it. So I wonder if Pres. Obama is secretly aiding these protesters behind the scenes? Maybe he's being smart?

Green Eagle said...


Come on. What supplies should we be giving them? Armbands and leaflet printers? Or maybe you'd like to give them some M-16's so the mullahs have an excuse to kill them all? Listen, I've been in more demonstrations than I can count. I can't even count the number of times I've been tear gassed. No one needs "supplies" to get out in the street and turn cop cars over- believe me. When they're ready they're out there, and they don't need the help of a country that, two years ago, was threatening to bomb them back into the stone age.