Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

More news you can't really use- for anything but a good laugh:

Detroit Free Press: "GM Debacle Reveals “Brutal Lesson About Labor In U.S."

The lesson: It's just soooo unfair to demand that businesses pay their employees a living wage. How do you expect CEO's to get rich that way?

By the way, it's not every day that Green Eagle gets to mock a mainstream paper, except for the Washington Post, of course.

Victor Davis Hanson: "Obama's "transformational" foreign policy has made America a less trusted ally and an easy mark for our enemies."

Or, actually, as we have come to expect from Victor Davis Hanson, the exact opposite. But that's okay, right? We didn't expect anything else. By the way, Victor, why do you always use your middle name? Getting ready for your perp walk?

Jennifer Rubin: "Republicans should embrace that which bonds them: opposition to almost everything the current administration is doing. "

Lucky you, Jennifer. That's just what they're doing. And you know what? It's really working great, too. It's got your party approval rating up to 20%! Oops, I guess I meant "down to." My bad. Well, keep the faith.

Roger Clegg: "The Senate Apologizes for Slavery and Jim Crow Laws — But Why?"

Oh, I don't know. Let me see if I can think of a reason. By the way, Roger, kudos for keeping your eyes on the big issues.

Gateway Pundit: "FOX News analysts Mock Barack Obama"

This is news? Come on, guys.

Joseph Farah, WND: "How's that hope, change workin' out?"

Pretty well, Joseph. Thanks for caring. By the way, Here's Joseph's cure for our problems:

"What will it take to restore common sense and rein in out-of-control government? Get Glenn Beck's latest book..."

Yes, Joseph. That'll do the trick. Yes sir.

World Net Daily: "Unemployment hits record highs in 8 states
Michigan bears brunt of fallout from longest recession since World War II"

Five and a half months? Five and a half months? That's the longest recession since World War II? I mean, that must be what you are saying, since isn't it an undisputed fact that Obama is responsible for all of our economic problems? And he's only been in office five and a half months!

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore: "What Is It About Liberals and the Military? "

Oh, I don't know. Those liberals, trying to give the military body armor and see that they get adequate care for their injuries, and veterans' benefits, and most of all, trying to prevent them from being killed without cause. I mean, what's with that? Sheesh, they're nothing but a bunch of traitors.

Washington Examiner: "McConnell says Democrats offer turtle tunnels, not real reform"

Thanks, Mitch. You know, finally you guys might have hit on the right issue to ride right back to power. Turtle tunnels. I'm so looking forward to hearing more about this in the future.

And finally, from Yahoo News: "NY man denies he dressed as dead mother in scam, blames impostor"
No word yet on whether it was Rudy Giuliani.

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Poll P. said...

My guess would be that Victor is either descended from Jefferson Davis, or wants to imply that he is.
Or maybe HIS mom is Skeeter Davis. Isn't her big song "It's the End of the World"?