Friday, June 26, 2009

Terrorists Arrested in U. S.

Here's a story that the mainstream press doesn't seem to care about:

"An undercover ATF sting raided white supremacists in at least three states on Thursday in an investigation connected to the 2004 letter bombing of Don Logan, an African-American who worked for a diversity program in Scottsdale, Arizona."

When the incident happened, the Bush administration apparently tried to characterize this as an incident related to Don Logan's past, having no connection to right wing groups.

The three guys arrested had direct connections to Terry McVeigh, Thomas Metzger of the White Aryan Resistance, members of the racist Elohim compoound in Arkansas and other right wing terrorists.

Still, it was not until the Obama administration that these three terrorists could be revealed for what they are.

Score in this case: Bush Administration: four years, no terrorist arrests, Obama Administration: five months, three terrorist arrests.

Update: In all fairness, I must report that this story seems to be breaking in several mainstream sources over the course of the day.

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