Thursday, June 18, 2009

News We CAN'T Use

Some stories we don't need to bother with today:

Ashley Herzog: "Pretentious Liberal Snobs"

Oh God, put away the brie, they're on to us.

Ken Blackwell: "Israel in Danger"

Of what? Banning crooked, lying politicians? That's the only thing you would regard as a danger, Ken.

Emmett Tyrrell: "Get Sick Immediately"

No thanks, Emmett. That's why I didn't read your column.

Erick Erickson: "Senator Boxer needs to put on some big girl panties and suck it up."

No Comment needed, I think, on that one. Keep up the class, Erick. Hey, I wonder if this remark angers wingnuts as much as Letterman.

Clarendon: "America Sleeps While Iranians Confront Evil"

Hey, maybe it's because of the twelve hour time difference between here and there. You know- Iranians sleep while Americans confront the new episode of Law and Order C. I.

Washington Times: "Outspoken Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann says she's so worried that information from next year's national census will be abused that she will not fill out anything more than the number of people in her household. "

Nothing like a law breaking congress person, Michelle.

Gateway Pundit: "Silent No More!... GW Bush Slams Obama's Socialist Policies"

So what?

Matt C. Abbott: 'Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America'

Spoiler: the black genocide is abortion. Surprised?

Cliff Kincaid: "The bloodthirsty left, extreme rhetoric, and murder"

Yeah, we know, Nazis are left wingers, Muslim religious extremists are left wingers, probably Jeffrey Dahmer is a left winger, yeah, yeah....

World Net Daily Exclusive: "Guess Who Fired Miss California"

Who cares?

Jeffrey Lord: "Obama is no Reagan"

Thank God. One depression per century is quite enough.

Ted Nugent: "Some Psychos Can't be Reached"

I know, Ted. You think I could look at all this right wing crap every day and not know that?

And, I would like to end this post with a special announcement of the publication of a new work:
Glenn Becks Common Sense.

The shortest book in recorded history.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Yes, it's true. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves.

But I did enjoy your additional comments.

Green Eagle said...


Thanks for the comment. Green Eagle has always been a great proponent of the cheap shot, and I must say, these guys make it easy.

Derek said...

How did Reagan take part in the Depression again?

Oh wait, he pulled us out of the recession caused by Carter, giving us the most prosperous 25 years thus far in our nation's history.

Green Eagle said...


Reagan's deregulation removed the safeguards put in place after the last depression, to prevent another one from happening. It allowed the economy to run wild and end up hitting a wall. If you care to read the story of the economic policies of the three Republican presidents in the 1920's you will see striking similarities. Anyone with sense could predict similar results.

I remember, as a graduate student at Harvard in the early 1980's, hearing business school professor J. Miller Blew predict much of this. It was not a secret. The problem is that Reagan and the two Bushes just didn't care, as long as they served the interests of the very wealthy.

I doubt that you are ready to hear this yet. As a start, I suggest you try John Kenneth Galbraith's short book, "The Great Crash." It is a very entertaining introduction to the economic climate of the 1920's and, as it was written in the fifties, the eerie similarities to our present problems are a matter of historical record, not an attempt to reflect on what is going on now.

Green Eagle said...

Oh, by the way, Derek: The definition of a recession is not precise, so these dates may be slightly off, but here is what I was able to discover about recessions in the period of the '70's and '80s:

Nov '73-Mar '75 36 Mo Ford R
Jan-July '80 6 Mo Carter D
Jul '81-Nov '82 16 Mo Reagan R

Reagan was not left a recession by Carter. The recession you are referring to (a Republican talking point,) precipitated by the Arab oil embargo of 1973, took place during Ford's administration.

By the way, the last twenty five years have seen essentially zero growth in wealth or income of the bottom 90% of the American people; the modest improvement that took place under Clinton was erased by Bush. If you call that the most prosperous 25 years in our history, I think you should think again about what prosperity really is.