Saturday, June 20, 2009

America More Progressive than Dems on Health Care

Results from a New York Times poll on health care:

46. Do you think the government would do a better or worse job than private insurance companies in providing medical coverage?

Better 50 Worse 34 (this compares to 2/07- better 30 worse 44)

47. Do you think the government would do a better or worse job than private insurance companies in holding down health care costs?

Better 59 Worse 26 (this compares to 2/07- better 47 worse 37)

Regardless of how you usually vote, do you think the Republican party or the Democratic party is more likely to improve the health care system?

Republican 18 Democratic 57

Well, I guess someone figured something out. I don't know about that 18% though. They sure like living in a dream world. Oh well, the same 18%, I guess, that haven't figured out yet that George W. Bush is a human-baboon hybrid.

Let me just say this: If the Democratic party does not include a public option in its health care plan, they will be the BIGGEST BUNCH OF STUPID, INCOMPETENT, IGNORANT, SELF-DESTRUCTIVE, WORTHLESS IDIOTS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. Even more than the people who bet on Orlando. Got that?

Harry Reid, I'm talking to you. The Republicans can get 100% party unity on a vote to jump into a wood chipper. Do your job.


Derek said...

Too bad 80% of Americans are happy with their current healthcare.

I think you found a crumby poll.

Hey look! the NY Times. Found your problem.

Anonymous said...

Specific problems, for those of you who care, which I presume is very few:

The poll surveyed shows that 73% of eligible voters cast their ballots this past November. The true number was that no more than 62% could have.

Of those who said they voted, 66% said they voted Obama, and 34% said they voted McCain. Last time I checked, Obama won by a little less than 7%, not 32%.

Data, data, data. Always remember to look beyond the first paragraph of surveys.

Green Eagle said...


I think I'll trust the New York Times' numbers over yours. Hope that's okay.

Derek said...

What numbers? The ones from the election? Or the healthcare number?

The NY Times agrees with those numbers, they just don't adhere to them when polling. Stacking a survey can yield crappy results.

Rasmuessen poll (one with correct ratios) states 60% to 30%, Americans disagree with Obama on economic policy. Do you disagree with that number as well?

how about 2 + 2?