Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Vacuity of David Broder

A continuing story.

The "dean" of our national pundits, from the Washington Post, today:

"The Wall Street Journal-NBC, the New York Times-CBS and the Pew Research Center polls all reported similar findings. Barack Obama retains his personal popularity, with overall job approval scores at upward of 60 percent. But when asked about specific important policies of the administration, the scores are much lower -- or even negative. "

We have been hearing this, now, from you and your friends there in Washington, for several weeks now. Mr. Broder, as a strong supporter of Barack Obama, let me explain this to you, hopefully in simple terms that even you should have been able to figure out by now.

Take me, for example. I have total faith that Obama is going to do all he can to deal with our national problems. But, you know, I can't guarantee 100% that it will work. Get that? So, you see, I don't have as much confidence in the policies as I do in Obama himself. And I bet there are a whole hell of a lot of people out there who feel the way that I do. You know why they feel that way? Because it's the only thing that makes sense.

Except, of course, to people like you, who have taken it upon themselves to resurrect the dead ideology of a dead party. You call that bipartisanship; I call it stupidity.

Above: The face of willful ignorance.

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