Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wingnut Wrapup

A little thin on the ground today. Not because the wingnuts are taking the day off, mind you, just because so many of them are working on their gigantic collective project of finding a way to blame Obama for what's going on in Iran. And the results are so pathetic that they aren't worth the ridicule. I want to see you guys do a better job tomorrow. Here's what's left:

Lorie Bird, Town Hall: "President Bush spoke forcefully, and often, about freedom and liberty and democracy.
I wish Obama had inherited George Bush’s passion and commitment to those pursuing liberty and democracy around the world."

And nothing shows committment to liberty like invading the wrong country, while supporting to the max the dictators in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. That showed 'em in the middle east, alright. Maybe that's why none of them dared stand up for themselves until Bush was gone, Lorie.

Moe Lane, Red State: "Alaska, Montana North Dakota, Wyoming. Those being the four states that are not running a deficit right now."

State rankings in per capita money received from the Federal government: Alaska- 1; North Dakota- 5; Wyoming- 8; Montana- 16.
Maybe that's why these four Republican strongholds of independence and self-sufficiency don't have state deficits- the rest of us are paying to keep them afloat.

Pat Boone, Newsmax: "Obama Should Emulate George Washington's Truthfulness"

First of all, Pat, shut up and go away. No one on earth cares what you think.
Pat supports this thesis by repeating the story about the cherry tree, which is only thought to be true by those who still believe in Santa. Pat, it doesn't seem to me to be that convincing when you advocate telling the truth by telling a lie yourself. But that's just me.

John L. Perry, Newsmax: "It's All Bush's Fault in Iran"

As W. C. Fields would say, "At last- an honest man!"...........Whoops, I guess I should have read a little farther:

"If President George W. Bush hadn’t acted courageously to defend the free world after 9/11, Iranians wouldn’t be protesting today for freedom from tyrannical Islam.

Where do you think those Iranians got the notion that all people, of whatever origin, have a God-given right of freedom? Not from their own tyrants, not from hard-line Muslin schools in Saudi Arabia, not from Cairo, not from Jordan, not from the Palestinians. "

Oh, I see, John, because it's all about us. Of course the Iranian people couldn't have figured out that they'd like a free country if they hadn't had the way pointed out to them by that courageous champion of freedom, the great George W. Bush. John, I know you count on your audience being pretty dense, but really, aren't you pushing the envelope here?

J. R. Dieckmann, Renew America: "Again last week, Obama had shown that he just can't stay away from the cameras....Jim Jones of the People's Temple had the same need for instant gratification from his adoring crowds and we all know how that turned out in Guyana."

I print this as a new one to me. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Robert Mugabe, Satan, yes, we've gotten used to seeing Obama compared to them. But Jim Jones.... So, it's bound to be the result that all of the people in America are going to drink poison kool-aid, that's your idea? I wouldn't put any money on it if I were you.

Caroline Glick (whoever the hell that is- linked from NRO): "It is hard to think of an example in US history in which the media organs of the world's most important democracy so openly sacrificed the most basic responsibilities of news gatherers to act as shills for the chief executive."

So, Caroline, you have trouble thinking back to the last eight years? Sounds like early onset altzheimer's to me. Or maybe just lying. Who knows?

JonahGoldberg, National Review Online: "Liberal Fascism and its Critics"

Jonah, hate to break this to you, but you don't have critics, just a very large number of people who are hooting in derision whenever your name comes up. Better luck next life.

And just for the record, World Net Daily tied its record today with 14 stories about Barack's birth certificate. Way to go, guys.

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